Norma Claystrike

Norma Claystrike is crafted with precision to deliver exceptional performance on the sporting clays circuit. This shotshell features calibrated shot pellets, a high-end yellow PE plastic case, and a 16mm nickel brass head for easy reloads. Every aspect of Claystrike is engineered for consistency and balance, from the meticulously measured powder loads to the non-corrosive SINOXID ignition, ensuring extended barrel life and dependable performance.

  • Calibrated Shot Pellets: Engineered for use on standard sporting clays, these pellets offer optimal performance, delivering precise and predictable patterns that competitive shooters can rely on.
  • High-End Case Design: The yellow PE plastic case, paired with a 16mm nickel brass head, not only provides durability but also facilitates easy reloading, making it ideal for frequent shooters.
  • Consistent Powder Loads: Norma’s dedication to consistency is evident in the balanced powder loads, ensuring each shot is as reliable and accurate as the last.
  • Non-Corrosive SINOXID Ignition: Featuring non-corrosive ignition, Claystrike shotshells help extend the life of your shotgun barrel while maintaining exceptional reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions about Norma Claystrike Ammunition

  1. What makes Norma Claystrike Ammunition ideal for competitive shooting? Claystrike is designed with calibrated shot pellets and consistent powder loads, ensuring reliable and predictable patterns, which are crucial for competitive shooting.
  2. Can I reload Norma Claystrike shotshells? Yes, the high-end yellow PE plastic case with a 16mm nickel brass head is designed for easy reloading, making it a great choice for frequent shooters who value quality and economy.
  3. How does the non-corrosive SINOXID ignition benefit my shotgun? The non-corrosive SINOXID ignition helps to extend the life of your shotgun barrel by preventing corrosion, ensuring your firearm remains in optimal condition for longer.
  4. Is Claystrike suitable for all types of clay target shooting? Yes, Claystrike is versatile and can be used for most standard sporting clays, making it a premier choice for various clay target shooting disciplines.
  5. What sets Claystrike apart from other competitive shotshells? Norma Claystrike stands out due to its precise engineering, high-quality materials, and consistent performance, all of which are the result of decades of experience and extensive research and development.