Cheap Ammo: The High Price of Low Cost Ammunition

At KIR Ammo, we are committed to equipping our customers with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their ammunition purchases. One common misconception we encounter is the belief that the cheapest ammunition is the best value for money. While this might seem logical at first glance, let’s delve deeper into why price is not the only factor to consider when purchasing ammunition online.

The KIR Ammo Commitment: Balancing Cost, Quality, and Exceptional Customer Service

At KIR Ammo, we understand the importance of balancing cost and quality. We strive to offer ammunition that provides excellent value for money – reliable, high-performing, and safe, without breaking the bank.  It’s true, often times KIR Ammo does not sell ammunition at the lowest price on the planet.  But, the lowest price is not the proverbial “entire shooting match”.  When it comes to buying ammunition online, one should consider a number of important factors beyond price:

  1. Quality and Reliability:  At KIR Ammo, we only sell top brands of ammunition that we would personally shoot in our own beloved firearms.  That means we don’t sell “cheap” ammo that might misfire, jam, or otherwise damage our guns and we don’t expect you to buy and shoot that garbage either!
  2. Exclusive Ammunition: We have ammo that other shops simply don’t have access to. Brands like Black HillsNoslerHSM, Hornady, and Barnes are all premium ammo brands that only the top ammunition shops in the US are able to access.
  3. Shipping Costs & Time:  We do our best to ship your ammo the same day.  We also offer free shipping for orders over $199+.
  4. Vendor Reputation:  We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and we have a great reputation.  We are here to help you with any questions related to ammo, shooting, guns, and just about anything else we can!  We encourage you to ask your friends or search on the internet for reviews on KIR AMMO.  FAFO – Fish Around / Find Out.  When you buy from KIR Ammo, you’re buying from 2nd Amendment supporting, Constitution Loving, Red-Blooded Americans.
  5. Return Policy: Stuff happens.  Sometimes you order the wrong ammo and occasionally we make mistakes.  Never fear!  If you’re not happy, contact us and we will  do our best to make your experience awesome. We want to build trust and loyalty with the KIR Ammo brand.
  6. Deals on Ammo:  We also offer on sale ammunition and deals on ammunition every week.  Sign up for our e-mails and look for our specials on social media.  If you take advantage of and combine all we have to offer, you will find that KIR Ammo offers an overall value second to none.

When you spend your hard-earned money on ammunition at KIR Ammo, keep the above factors in mind when making your purchase decision.  The lowest price is not necessarily the best value! Give us a chance and we will make you a customer for life.

Quality and Reliability: A Priceless Commodity

When it comes to ammunition, the old adage “you get what you pay for” often holds true. High-quality ammunition is manufactured with precision and meticulous care, ensuring consistency in performance. This translates to better accuracy, reliability, and safety on the shooting range or in the field. There is no doubt that high quality ammo increases your chances of consistent POI (Point of Impact).

In contrast, low cost, cheap ammunition may be inconsistent in quality due to cost-cutting measures in manufacturing. This could lead to problems such as misfires or jams, which could not only disrupt your shooting experience but could also pose safety risks.  Also, it is unlikely that cheap ammo will perform like higher quality ammunition.  There are no shortage of videos on YouTube showing how unreliable “Cheap ammo” is when it comes to POI.  When an accurate shot counts, the cheap stuff just won’t cut it.

Longevity of Your Firearm: Cheap Today, Costly Tomorrow

Cheap ammunition may also accelerate wear and tear on your firearm. This is often due to the use of low cost, inferior materials, such as steel casings instead of brass, which can cause more stress on your firearm over time. While the difference may not be apparent immediately, in the long run, the cost of repairing or replacing your firearm could far outweigh the savings from cheap ammunition. Furthermore, quality ammunition can help preserve the resale value of your firearm. Regular use of cheap, low-quality ammo can lead to excessive wear, reducing the value of your gun if you ever decide to sell it. In contrast, using high-quality ammo can help maintain your firearm in top condition, preserving its value over time.

When buying ammunition online, considering these factors can help you make a smart purchase that meets your specific needs and ensures a safe and satisfactory shooting experience. Remember, at KIR Ammo, we are always here to help guide you through your ammunition purchasing journey.

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