Hornady LEVERevolution Ammunition: The Game Changer for Lever Action Enthusiasts

The lever action rifle – it’s more than just a firearm, it’s an enduring symbol of America’s rich history, invoking images of the Old West, adventure, and a pioneering spirit. Charmingly nostalgic, fun to shoot, and powerful enough to hunt almost any game, these rifles are still going strong! For those of you that love to shoot lever action firearms, Hornady introduced a cartridge that would redefine lever action shooting – the LEVERevolution ammunition.

The Genesis of the LEVERevolution:

Hornady, renowned for its innovative spirit and high-quality ammunition, identified the hurdles faced by lever action shooters. Traditional ammunition often didn’t provide optimal ballistic performance for lever guns, especially with tubular magazines. To overcome these challenges, Hornady engineered the LEVERevolution, a revolutionary line of ammunition that would enhance the performance and safety of lever action rifles.

A Deep Dive into LEVERevolution Technology:

At the heart of the LEVERevolution ammunition is Hornady’s patented Flex Tip® technology. Unlike traditional bullets with spire points that pose a risk of primer ignition in tubular magazines, the Flex Tip® features a soft, elastomeric tip, eliminating this risk while enhancing bullet performance. This groundbreaking ammunition also incorporates an Interlock® Band to keep the bullet and core from separating for maximum weight retention and terminal performance. High-quality powders and primers further ensure consistent performance and reliability.  The 30-30 Winchester and the 45-70 Government cartridge uses the Monoflex Technology also developed by Hornady. MonoFlex bullets are a component of Hornady’s LEVERevolution ammunition, providing lever-action shooters with an option that delivers exceptional performance, penetration, and expansion without using lead. At the core of MonoFlex technology is the use of a monolithic (single material) construction combined with Hornady’s Flex Tip technology. The bullets are made from a tough copper alloy, ensuring deep penetration and 95%+ weight retention for a devastating wound channel and rapid, humane kills. T

A Comparative Analysis: LEVERevolution vs. Traditional Ammunition:

When it comes to performance in lever action firearms, LEVERevolution ammunition stands leagues above traditional ammo. Its improved ballistic coefficient ensures flatter trajectories, meaning your rounds travel further with less drop, while the enhanced terminal performance guarantees rapid expansion upon impact. Compared to traditional ammunition, the LEVERevolution offers superior energy delivery and accuracy at all practical hunting distances.

Field Performance: Real-world Applications of LEVERevolution:

The benefits of LEVERevolution ammunition are not confined to theory; they translate into real-world applications. Hunters have reported more ethical, clean kills due to the ammunition’s superior energy transfer and expansion. Target shooters, on the other hand, have been impressed by its improved accuracy and consistency, even at extended ranges. Simply put, LEVERevolution has changed the face of shooting with lever action rifles.

What Calibers is Hornady LEVERevolution Good For?

As of the time this article was written, LEVERevolution comes in a variety of calibers for lever action rifles and lever action revolvers including:

LEVERevolution Rifle Cartridges:
25-35 Winchester
30-30 Winchester
308 Marlin Express
32 Winchester Special
338 Marlin Express
348 Winchester
35 Remington
444 Marlin
45-70 Govt 
450 Marlin

LEVERevolution Revolver Cartridges:
357 Magnum
41 Rem Magnum
44 Rem Magnum
45 Colt (Revolver)

The LEVERevolution line isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; it includes a variety of calibers to suit different lever action rifles and purposes. Some of the most popular rifles for LEVERevolution ammo are .30-30 Winchester to .45-70 Government.  The key is to match the right ammunition with your specific firearm and intended use.

Responsible Ammunition Usage:

While Hornady’s LEVERevolution ammunition is designed for enhanced safety, it’s critical to remember the importance of responsible firearm and ammunition usage. Proper handling, storage, and maintenance of your ammunition are essential to ensure optimal performance and safety.

With the advent of Hornady’s LEVERevolution ammunition, the days of compromising on performance with lever action rifles and revolvers are over. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter, a target shooting enthusiast, or a lover of classic firearms, LEVERevolution offers a quantum leap in power and precision.

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