Is There an Ammo Shortage in the United States?

In a lot of ways, ammunition is like currency. There is a limited amount available based on manufacture, and the demand is always in flux – sometimes a moderate demand means that ammo is in regular steady supply, but spikes in demand can create effects such as supply shortages and price increases in some locations.

The demand for ammo has historically been closely linked with the political climate in the United States. When things are calm, ammo tends to be more readily available. But in the wake of major events and stressors to the political environment, the demand for ammo rises; people want to be prepared, and rightfully so.

Ammo Demand Following the Coronavirus / COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus & Ammo Shortages

Toilet paper wasn’t the only thing in high demand and short supply following the outbreak of the coronavirus globally and within the Untied States. In many states sales of ammunition spiked hundreds of percent, leaving many shelves bare and many U.S. citizens paying an arm and a leg in an attempt to maintain readiness and be prepared.

We recommend being prepared in advance; if you’re waiting until an emergency situation has already arrived to start obtaining ammo, you’re doing it wrong! Though even if you’ve found yourself behind the curve and are struggling to obtain ammo at the last moment, KIR Ammo maintains a large surplus in our warehouse in order to continue serving our customers no matter the surrounding conditions.

Ammo Demand Following the United States Elections

United States Elections & Ammo Shortages

Elections in the country have historically been a large factor in the demand for ammo as well. Following the election of our current president, background checks for firearms rose dramatically and ammunition sales once again went through the roof. When people become afraid or feel like their rights may be in jeopardy, firearms and ammunition can become much more difficult to come by.

While we always suggest preparing in advance of major global events, even during the periods of highest demand, KIR Ammo has continued to serve our customers with a standing inventory and lightning-fast shipping from our warehouse in Texas.

KIR Ammo Maintains a Surplus of Ammunition

No matter what events are unfolding around us, at KIR Ammo we are always prepared. We maintain a high level of stock and a surplus of ammunition so that we can continue serving our customers even during times of high-demand.

Not only do we have ammo of all types ready to ship to your doorstep, in most cases we are able to ship your order out the very same day that it is placed! If you place your order before 2:00 PM CT on a weekday, we’ll have your order out that very day, no matter the political weather at the time.