.327 Federal Mag

The .327 Federal Magnum ammunition category showcases a robust collection of high-performance rounds designed for revolvers. Introduced as a powerful alternative to smaller caliber rounds, the .327 Federal Magnum provides shooters with an exceptional balance of velocity, energy, and manageable recoil. This selection features premium ammunition suitable for a variety of uses, including self-defense, hunting, and competitive shooting, all from the industry’s leading brands.

Intended Use: The .327 Federal Magnum is ideal for a broad spectrum of applications, ranging from personal defense to hunting small to medium game and sport shooting. Its superior ballistic performance compared to smaller magnum calibers makes it a preferred choice for shooters looking for a versatile cartridge that delivers both power and precision without excessive recoil.

Caliber/Size: Developed in 2007 through a collaboration between Federal Ammunition and Sturm, Ruger & Co., the .327 Federal Magnum was designed to surpass the capabilities of the .32 H&R Magnum. It offers enhanced ballistic performance, allowing for longer effective range and greater stopping power, while still being chambered in compact, easy-to-carry revolvers.

Performance Characteristics: The .327 Federal Magnum is renowned for its high velocity, flat trajectory, and substantial energy transfer. It is capable of firing heavier bullets at speeds exceeding those of many larger calibers, providing deep penetration and effective stopping power. Its performance is further optimized by a variety of bullet designs tailored to specific tasks, from self-defense to hunting.

Material and Construction: Ammunition in the .327 Federal Magnum category is constructed with high-quality materials, featuring brass casings and premium bullet types such as jacketed hollow points (JHP) for defense, soft points (SP) for hunting, and full metal jackets (FMJ) for practice and competition. These materials and designs ensure reliable performance and consistency shot after shot.

Brands and Manufacturers: This category includes products from trusted manufacturers known for their innovation and quality. These brands offer shooters a range of .327 Federal Magnum ammunition options that meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

A Brief History: The .327 Federal Magnum was introduced to offer an alternative to traditional revolver calibers, providing the power of larger cartridges with the recoil profile of smaller ones. Its development was aimed at maximizing the potential of the revolver platform, offering increased capacity and superior ballistics for a wide range of shooting activities.


  1. Is the .327 Federal Magnum suitable for self-defense? Absolutely, the .327 Federal Magnum is an excellent choice for self-defense, offering high velocity and significant stopping power with manageable recoil, making it effective and controllable in critical situations.
  2. Can I use .327 Federal Magnum for hunting? Yes, the .327 Federal Magnum is suitable for hunting small to medium game thanks to its deep penetration and high energy transfer. It’s a versatile choice for hunters seeking a compact firearm caliber with excellent performance.
  3. How does the .327 Federal Magnum compare to other magnum calibers? The .327 Federal Magnum offers a unique blend of high ballistic performance and manageable recoil, standing out among magnum calibers for its ability to fire heavier bullets at high velocities while maintaining lower recoil, making it a versatile option for both seasoned and new shooters.

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