Norma Tipstrike .280 Rem CASE 160 Grain Polymer Tip – 200 Rounds (CASE) [NO TAX outside Texas]


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280 Remington and 7mm Express
Grain Weight:
160 Grains
200 Rounds


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Ammo Specifications

280 Remington and 7mm Express
Grain Weight
160 Grains
200 Rounds
Muzzle Velocity
2789 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy
2764 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style
Polymer Tip

More Information on Norma 280 Remington and 7mm Express Ammo

Norma Tipstrike .280 Rem is a type of ammunition designed for use in firearms chambered for the .280 Remington cartridge. The .280 Remington cartridge is a popular round for hunting medium to large game, such as deer, elk, and moose.

The “Tipstrike” designation refers to the type of bullet used in the ammunition. Tipstrike bullets are designed to expand upon impact with a target, which can increase the stopping power and effectiveness of the round. The bullet is typically made of lead with a copper jacket, and features a polymer tip at the front of the bullet. Upon impact with a target, the polymer tip is designed to initiate expansion, which can create a larger wound channel and increase the chances of a quick, humane kill.

Norma is a well-known manufacturer of ammunition and firearms, and their Tipstrike line of ammunition is a popular choice among hunters and recreational shooters. The ammunition is typically sold in boxes of 20 rounds, and is widely available at gun shops and sporting goods stores. It is important to use the appropriate ammunition for your specific firearm and intended use, and to always follow proper safety procedures when handling firearms.


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