Paraklese 12 Gauge Sabot Slugs 495 Grain Steel Tipped ARMOR PIERCING – 5 Rounds (Bag) [NO TAX outside Texas]


($4.99 / per round)

12 Gauge
Grain Weight:
495 Grains
5 Rounds


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Ammo Specifications

12 Gauge
Grain Weight
495 Grains
5 Rounds
Muzzle Velocity
1400 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy
2200 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style
Armor Piercing Sabot Slug
Lead Free
Shell Length
2.75 Inches

More Information on Paraklese 12 Gauge Ammo

YOU ARE REPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING YOUR STATE’S LAWS REGARDING ARMOR PIERCING AMMUNITION. Not For Sale in California, New York, Iowa, Maryland, Illinois, or Connecticut.

The Paraklese 12 Gauge Sabot Slugs are high-performance shotgun ammunition designed for superior accuracy and terminal effectiveness at extended ranges. Engineered with precision and crafted with attention to detail, these slugs are specifically designed for rifled shotgun barrels, providing hunters and long-range shotgun enthusiasts with an exceptional option for taking down medium to large-sized game or engaging targets at distances beyond the capabilities of traditional shotgun projectiles.

The Paraklese 12 Gauge Sabot Slugs feature a polymer sabot that encases a sub-caliber, aerodynamic projectile. The sabot ensures a snug fit in the shotgun bore and separates from the slug upon exiting the barrel, allowing the projectile to travel downrange with minimal air resistance and a flatter trajectory. The result is improved accuracy, extended range capabilities, and increased impact energy for superior terminal performance.

Typically weighing around 1 to 1.125 ounces, these slugs deliver muzzle velocities ranging between 1,400 and 1,900 feet per second, depending on the specific load and slug weight. The combination of high velocity and aerodynamic design allows the Paraklese 12 Gauge Sabot Slugs to maintain their accuracy and energy over long distances, making them highly effective for hunting deer, elk, boar, and other large game at ranges up to and beyond 200 yards.

One of the key advantages of the Paraklese 12 Gauge Sabot Slugs is their compatibility with rifled shotgun barrels, which imparts a stabilizing spin on the projectile, significantly enhancing accuracy and consistency at long ranges. It’s essential to note that these slugs are not designed for smoothbore shotguns and should only be used with rifled barrels to achieve optimal performance.

Factory-loaded Paraklese 12 Gauge Sabot Slugs offer a variety of slug weights and load options to suit different hunting and long-range shooting applications. With their exceptional accuracy, extended range capabilities, and impressive terminal performance, the Paraklese 12 Gauge Sabot Slugs provide a reliable and effective option for those seeking to maximize the capabilities of their rifled-barrel shotguns.

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