Sterling Tornado 12 Gauge CASE 2-3/4″ 1oz. Rifled Slug CASE – 200 Rounds [NO TAX outside TX]


($0.64 / per round)

200 Rounds
Boxes per Case:

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Ammo Specifications

200 Rounds
Boxes per Case
Muzzle Velocity
1460 Feet Per Second
Manufacturer SKU
Bullet Style
Rifled Slug
Shell Length
2-3/4″ Inches
Shot Weight
1 Ounce

More Information on Sterling Ammo

Introducing the Sterling Tornado 12 Gauge Rifled Slug Ammunition: a top-tier choice for hunters, law enforcement, and shooting enthusiasts alike who demand unrivaled accuracy and devastating stopping power.

Each box of Sterling Tornado 12 Gauge Rifled Slug Ammunition contains 10 shells (20 boxes in a case), meticulously engineered for precision and performance. These premium slugs are designed for smoothbore shotgun barrels, making them versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Key Features:

  • Unmatched Accuracy: Sterling Tornado’s unique rifled design ensures gyroscopic stabilization, allowing the slug to maintain a straight trajectory and achieve unparalleled accuracy, even at extended ranges.
  • Devastating Stopping Power: The 1-ounce (437.5 grains) Foster-style slugs are made from high-quality lead, delivering maximum energy transfer and profound terminal ballistics, ensuring quick and humane takedowns of even the toughest game.
  • Exceptional Consistency: The Sterling Tornado slugs are manufactured using cutting-edge technology and rigorous quality control, ensuring consistent performance and dependability with every shot.
  • Reduced Recoil: Our specially formulated propellant minimizes recoil, making the Sterling Tornado a comfortable choice for extended shooting sessions and shooters of all skill levels.
  • Versatile Applications: Sterling Tornado 12 Gauge Rifled Slug Ammunition is perfect for hunting big game, home defense, or tactical scenarios, offering a reliable solution for any situation.

Experience the power and precision of Sterling Tornado 12 Gauge Rifled Slug Ammunition. Elevate your shooting performance and confidence in the field with these outstanding slugs. Order now and experience the Sterling Tornado difference.


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