WINCHESTER 12 Gauge Long Beard XR Shot-Lok Turkey 3-1/2″ 2-1/8 oz 1050 FPS 4 shot – 10 Rounds (Box) [NO TAX outside Texas]


($2.99 / per round)

10 Rounds

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Ammo Specifications

10 Rounds
Shell Length
3-1/2″ Inches
Shot Type
4 shot
Shot Weight
2-1/8 oz

More Information on Winchester Ammo

Introducing the Winchester 12 Gauge Long Beard XR Shot-Lock Turkey Ammunition – the pinnacle of turkey hunting performance. Engineered with advanced Shot-Lock technology and world-class components, this ammunition is specifically designed to help you achieve unparalleled accuracy, long-range capabilities, and maximum lethality on your next turkey hunt.

Product Features:

  1. Shot-Lock Technology: Winchester’s innovative Shot-Lock technology encapsulates the pellets in a resin that hardens as the shell is fired. This ensures consistent pellet patterns and tighter groups at extended ranges, giving you the confidence to take those challenging long-range shots.
  2. Long Beard XR: The Long Beard XR line is designed for optimal performance on turkeys, featuring a high pellet count and devastating energy transfer. With its excellent penetration and dense patterns, you can expect consistent, clean, and ethical kills.
  3. Extended Range Performance: The Long Beard XR shotshell delivers superior long-range performance, with the ability to maintain tight patterns and deliver lethal energy at distances up to 60 yards. This gives you the advantage you need to bag that elusive tom from farther away than ever before.
  4. Premium Components: The Winchester 12 Gauge Long Beard XR Shot-Lock Turkey Ammunition is loaded with top-quality components, including high-quality shot, clean-burning propellants, non-corrosive primers, and premium hulls. This ensures smooth cycling, reduced wear on your shotgun, and consistent performance in diverse environmental conditions.
  5. Box of 10 Rounds: Each box contains 10 rounds of precision-engineered ammunition, allowing you to focus on the hunt and make every shot count.

Elevate your turkey hunting game with the superior performance and reliability of the Winchester 12 Gauge Long Beard XR Shot-Lock Turkey ammo. Trust in the legendary Winchester name and experience the difference that advanced technology and meticulous craftsmanship can make on your next hunt.


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