Ammunition Education

Ammunition education is important for individuals who own or use firearms, as it helps to ensure that they are using ammunition safely and responsibly. This education can be provided through formal training programs, online resources, or through instruction from experienced shooters or firearms experts. KIR Ammo is adamant about ammo education and keeping our customers informed about new, old, and upcoming ammunition changes. Below is a list of informational articles that we hope will improve your knowledge of ammunition and bullets.  If you have an idea for an article, spot a mistake, or have any questions about something you read here, please contact us so that we can address your question or idea. We hope you can learn something about ammunition with the articles below.

Ammunition Basics

Ammunition Safety
Ammunition Safety Guide

Understanding Ammo Components
The 4 Basic Components of Ammunition
What is Bullet Weight and Why is it Important?

Bullet Types and Specialized Ammo
What is a Tracer Round?
What is an Armor-Piercing Round?
What is a Subsonic Round?
What is a Full Metal Jacket Bullet?
What is a Hollow point (HP) Bullet?
What is a Jacketed hollow point (JHP) Bullet?
What is +P and +P+ Ammunition?
What is ACP Ammunition?
Is .38 ammunition the same as 9mm?
Specialty Rounds and Their Uses (e.g., frangible bullets, blanks, rubber bullets)

Common Ammo Terminology
20 Ammunition Terms You Need to Know
Understanding Calibers and Gauges

Practical Uses of Ammunition
What is Plinking?

Ammunition History and Evolution

From Beginnings to Modern Day
A Brief History of Ammunition
How Smokeless Powder Changed Modern Ammunition

Types of Ammunition

Types of Shotgun Ammunition

Ammunition Storage and Maintenance

Storing Your Ammo Properly
Ammunition Storage Guide

Did You Know?

Interesting Facts and Insights
Interesting Facts about Rifle Ammo
The Science Behind Ballistics (How ammo travels, factors affecting bullet trajectory)
Ammunition in Pop Culture (How ammo is portrayed in movies, myths vs. reality)
Environmental Impact of Ammunition (Lead-free ammo, environmental concerns)
Reloading Basics (Introduction to handloading/reloading ammunition)
The Role of Ammunition in Military History
Future of Ammunition (Innovations, smart bullets, etc.)
The Global Ammunition Market (Top producers, market trends)