Atomic Subsonic

For those prioritizing quiet operation without sacrificing performance, Atomic Subsonic Ammunition is the go-to choice. Whether for target practice, self-defense, or hunting, the subsonic rounds ensure a reduced noise footprint, making it ideal for situations where stealth or noise considerations are paramount. The ammunition’s versatility is evident in its array of offerings for both handguns and rifles, catering to a multitude of firearms and purposes.

Established in 2011, Atomic Subsonic Ammunition stands firmly on principles of reliability, performance, safety, and affordability. With a rigorous testing methodology backed by renowned independent U.S. labs, the brand promises top-tier quality. Proudly American in origin and operation, Atomic crafts cartridges using domestically-sourced components, with a commitment to delivering match-grade defensive hollow-point handgun ammo. Their unique selling proposition is the combination of state-of-the-art manufacturing with nickel-plated brass cases and competitive pricing, making superior ammunition accessible to all.

FAQ on Atomic Subsonic Ammunition

  1. What sets Atomic Subsonic Ammunition apart from other brands?
    • Atomic emphasizes four key principles: reliability, performance, safety, and affordability. The brand ensures quality by utilizing renowned independent test labs and is committed to using 100% American-made components.
  2. Are all Atomic Subsonic Ammunition rounds truly subsonic?
    • Yes, the ammunition is designed to travel at velocities below the speed of sound (usually less than 1050 FPS), ensuring reduced noise during firing.
  3. Is Atomic’s handgun ammunition suitable for self-defense?
    • Absolutely. Atomic produces bonded, match-grade defensive hollow-point handgun ammunition, which is designed for optimal performance in self-defense scenarios.
  4. Can I expect Atomic Subsonic Ammunition to be consistently accurate?
    • Yes, one of Atomic’s primary goals is to produce minute of angle (MOA) accurate service rifle ammunition, ensuring consistency and precision in every shot.