CCI Blazer

Whether you’re practicing at the range, participating in competitive shooting, or prioritizing self-defense, CCI Blazer Ammunition has a solution tailored to your needs. With offerings like the Blazer Brass for concealed carry and realistic training, or the economically efficient Blazer Aluminum for frequent shooting, to the indoor-range-friendly Blazer Clean-Fire, and even the versatile rimfire 22 LR option, this ammunition line ensures reliability, consistent performance, and optimal value.

CCI Blazer Ammunition stands at the forefront of cartridge innovation, offering an array of ammunition tailored to both the enthusiast and the professional. Their Blazer Brass series redefines the benchmarks for concealed carry, combining performance and training feasibility. Blazer Aluminum, on the other hand, melds cost-efficiency with high-grade aircraft aluminum construction, ensuring more bang for your buck. The Clean-Fire range is a testament to Blazer’s commitment to environmental health, minimizing airborne contaminants during indoor shooting. And for those who have a penchant for rimfire shooting, Blazer offers a 22 LR Ammunition.


  1. What sets Blazer Brass apart from other handgun cartridges?
    • Blazer Brass offers reliable FMJ bullets, reloadable brass, and is developed for similar recoil and point of impact as self-defense loads, making it apt for realistic training.
  2. Is Blazer Aluminum comparable to brass-case ammunition?
    • Absolutely! Blazer Aluminum provides the same performance level as brass-case ammo but at a more pocket-friendly price, thanks to the use of aircraft-grade aluminum.
  3. What makes Blazer Clean-Fire ideal for indoor ranges?
    • Blazer Clean-Fire uses special primers that virtually eliminate airborne contaminants, such as lead, barium, and antimony at the firing point, ensuring a cleaner shooting experience indoors.
  4. Does Blazer offer rimfire ammunition?
    • Yes, Blazer provides a 22 Long Rifle ammunition variant loaded with 38-grain round nose bullets, designed for high-volume shooting and consistent accuracy.
  5. Can the carton of Blazer’s rimfire 22 LR ammo serve any other purpose?
    • Indeed! The carton, adorned with a bull’s-eye graphic, can be flattened and used as a shooting target once emptied.

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