Federal Fusion

Hunters seeking the pinnacle of performance for deer hunting need look no further than Federal Fusion Ammunition. Whether you’re tracking white-tails through dense forests or aiming for a distant mule deer on an open plain, Fusion provides unparalleled consistency and lethality. Its precision engineering ensures every shot counts, from handguns to centerfire rifles, giving hunters confidence in the field.

Federal Fusion Ammunition is a trailblazer in hunting cartridges. Engineered with the deer hunter in mind, it consistently sets itself apart from other ammunition through its superior expansion and weight retention. At its core lies a pressure-formed nucleus, encased within a jacket that’s been impeccably bonded at the molecular level through an electro-chemical process. This ensures a flawlessly uniform jacket. Moreover, its skived, pre-programmed nose guarantees consistent expansion with every shot, ensuring that the maximum weight is retained for deep, effective penetration.


  1. What makes Federal Fusion Ammunition unique for deer hunting?
    • Fusion was the first rifle ammunition specifically designed for deer hunting, boasting the most expansive growth and the highest weight retention compared to competitors.
  2. How Accurate is Federal Fusion Ammo?
    • Federal Fusion has been tested for accuracy and compared to many other brands of ammo by hunters, bloggers, YouTubers, and many other popular shooters. The consensus is always the same — this is an incredibly accurate cartridge that consistently hits the target.
  3. What benefits does the skived, pre-programmed nose offer?
    • This feature ensures a consistent and reliable expansion upon impact, critical for effective hunting shots.
  4. What Bullets are in Federal Fusion Ammo?
    • Federal Fusion uses a expanding, weight retention bullet with a molecularly bonded jacket and pressure-formed core.
  5. Is Federal Fusion suitable for both rifles and handguns?
    • Yes, Federal Fusion Ammunition is optimized for both centerfire rifles and handguns, providing versatile performance for various hunting scenarios.