Federal Gold Medal

Precision shooters, both professional and amateur, constantly search for ammunition that can offer them an edge in competitive scenarios. Whether they’re participating in long-range shooting competitions, tactical training sessions, or precision marksmanship challenges, shooters require ammo that’s consistent, reliable, and supremely accurate. Federal Gold Medal Ammunition answers this call, delivering match-grade precision that can make the difference between first place and second. It’s the choice for those who refuse to compromise on accuracy.

Federal Gold Medal Ammunition stands as the pinnacle of Federal’s commitment to precision. Engineered with the utmost attention to detail, this line of ammunition is tailored specifically for the needs of precision shooters and competitive marksmen. With match-grade primers, select powders, and several styles of bullets including Sierra MatchKing, Gold Medal Ammunition offers unparalleled accuracy, consistency, and reliability. When fractions of an inch can dictate success, shooters know they can trust Federal Gold Medal to hit the mark.


  1. What makes Federal Gold Medal Ammunition different from other lines?
    • The Gold Medal line is crafted with match-grade components, including the renowned Sierra MatchKing bullets, ensuring superior accuracy ideal for competitive shooting.
  2. Is Federal Gold Medal suitable for both professional and amateur shooters?
    • Absolutely. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an enthusiast seeking to improve your precision, Federal Gold Medal provides the consistent performance you need.
  3. Can I use Gold Medal Ammunition for regular range practice?
    • While it’s designed for competitive shooting, its unmatched accuracy makes it an excellent choice for any shooter aiming to perfect their skills at the range.
  4. How does the Sierra MatchKing bullet enhance the ammunition’s performance?
    • The Sierra MatchKing bullet is known for its aerodynamic design, consistent weight distribution, and precision manufacturing, ensuring tighter groupings and consistent trajectories.
  5. Is Federal Gold Medal Ammunition available in various calibers?
    • Yes, the Gold Medal line covers a wide range of popular calibers, catering to diverse shooting disciplines and firearms.