Federal HammerDown

Lever-action rifle enthusiasts seeking ammunition that’s specially tailored for their firearm’s unique requirements would greatly benefit from Federal HammerDown Ammunition. Whether it’s hunting deer, wild boar, or bulls, this ammunition ensures that their lever-gun not only cycles flawlessly but also delivers unparalleled ballistics, accuracy, and terminal performance.

Federal Premium® HammerDown™ stands as the industry’s premier ammunition line specifically engineered for lever-action rifles. Its design considerations encompass every element, from the molecularly bonded bullet designed for optimal expansion and weight retention to the case geometry ensuring impeccable cycling in traditional lever-action mechanisms. With the use of Gold Medal primers, nickel-plated brass, and specialized propellants, HammerDown achieves velocities tailored for best ballistics through lever-action barrel lengths. Its patented geometry guarantees smooth feeding without hang-ups in tubular magazines, making it the lever-action enthusiast’s first choice.


  1. What sets HammerDown ammunition apart for lever-action rifles?
    • HammerDown is uniquely designed with specialized geometry to ensure optimal cycling and performance specifically in lever-action rifles and their tubular magazines.
  2. How does the molecularly bonded bullet benefit users?
    • The molecularly bonded design ensures best-in-class expansion upon impact, coupled with impressive weight retention, leading to effective terminal performance.
  3. What components are used in HammerDown ammunition?
    • This ammunition boasts Gold Medal primers, nickel-plated brass, and a specially formulated propellant for the best performance.
  4. Are the velocities of HammerDown loads tailored for lever-action rifles?
    • Yes, the velocities of HammerDown loads are customized to provide superior ballistics when fired from lever-action barrel lengths.
  5. Can I expect any hang-ups when using this ammunition in my tubular magazine?
    • No, the specialized patented geometry of HammerDown ammunition ensures flawless cycling without hang-ups in both tubular magazines and typical lever-action feeding systems.

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