Federal Personal Defense

Federal’s Personal Defense Ammunition is meticulously engineered for various defense scenarios involving handguns, shotguns, and rimfire rifles. Whether you’re a homeowner confronting an intruder, a concealed carry permit holder wanting the utmost reliability, or someone looking to harness the defensive capabilities of a rimfire firearm, Federal’s diverse Personal Defense line offers specialized ammunition designed for effective stopping power, reliable performance, and minimized risk to bystanders.

Federal Personal Defense Ammunition encompasses a wide spectrum of high-performance rounds designed for different firearms. From the Hydra-Shok’s notched copper jacket that controls expansion, the HST’s reliability through various barriers, to the Punch’s balanced performance in handguns—each bullet design reflects Federal’s commitment to optimal defense. Their shotshell defense ammo, Force X2, offers segmenting buckshot that doubles wound channels, while the Punch rimfire series marks a revolution in rimfire self-defense capabilities. Each product in this lineup is a testament to Federal’s innovation in safety and defense.


  1. What makes Hydra-Shok a preferred choice among self-defense experts?
    • Hydra-Shok ammunition is renowned for its accuracy, consistency, and controlled expansion, thanks to its notched copper jacket and center-post hollow-point design.
  2. How does HST ammunition perform through barriers?
    • HST ammunition is designed with a special hollow point that won’t plug when passing through barriers, ensuring almost 100% weight retention.
  3. Why should one consider the Punch bullet for defense?
    • The Punch bullet provides a balanced mix of penetration and expansion, performing exceptionally across platforms and through common barriers, making it a versatile choice for defense.
  4. Is rimfire ammunition now viable for self-defense?
    • Yes, with Federal’s Punch Personal Defense rimfire ammunition. It’s optimized for deep penetration in short-barrel handguns, undergoes rigorous function testing, and offers impressive velocities, making rimfire a practical self-defense choice.
  5. What is the Difference Between Federal Premium Personal Defense HST and Federal Personal Defense Punch?
    • There are a few differences between these personal defense options.  Federal Premium HST uses a nickel plated brass casings and Federal Personal Defense Punch uses Brass casings. The HST bullet is slightly softer than the Punch bullet and the HST also has skiving on the jacket and core.  The Punch is intended for civilian use and the HST is intended for Law Enforcement.  Thus, the Punch line of ammo is a little less expensive.
  6. What does HST Stand for in Federal Ammo?
    • Introduced in 2002, Federal HST is an advanced iteration of the highly renowned Hydra-Shok ammunition. The HST range features non-bonded hollow point rounds designed for optimal expansion, with “HST” signifying “Hydra-Shok Technology”.
  7. Can Civilians Buy HST Ammunition?
    • Yes. It is legal for civilians to buy HST Ammo, though some packaging is marked “Law Enforcement Only”.