Federal Terminal Ascent

For the dedicated long-range hunter seeking a blend of precision and power, the Federal Premium® Terminal Ascent™ is the ammunition of choice. Whether you’re taking down a buck from a distance across a vast prairie or hitting a mountainous target obscured by environmental challenges, Terminal Ascent ensures that each shot not only reaches its mark but does so with impressive penetration and expansion, even at reduced velocities. Its tailored design, complemented by the AccuChannel™ groove technology, equips hunters with reduced drag and improved accuracy, making those challenging long shots more feasible than ever before.

Federal Premium® Terminal Ascent™ is the pinnacle of long-range hunting cartridges, blending match-grade accuracy with unparalleled ballistic performance. Built with bonded construction, this ammunition ensures deep penetration on close encounters, while its proprietary Slipstream™ polymer tip allows expansion initiation even at lower velocities than many counterparts. Boasting a sleek bullet profile, Terminal Ascent provides an extremely high ballistic coefficient, which coupled with its unique AccuChannel™ technology, results in reduced wind drift, minimized drag, and laser-like accuracy. Hunters can now rely on a bullet that delivers both on near and distant targets, making it a versatile choice for diverse hunting scenarios.


  1. What sets Federal Terminal Ascent apart from other long-range hunting ammunition?
    • Terminal Ascent combines match-grade accuracy with a bonded construction, ensuring both precision and deep penetration, aided by its exclusive Slipstream™ polymer tip and AccuChannel™ groove technology.
  2. How does the Slipstream™ polymer tip function?
    • The Slipstream™ tip initiates bullet expansion even at velocities 200 fps lower than comparable designs, ensuring effective terminal ballistics across a wider range of shooting distances.
  3. Why is the AccuChannel™ groove technology important?
    • AccuChannel™ technology minimizes bullet drag, which in turn enhances the bullet’s flight stability and accuracy over long distances.
  4. How does Terminal Ascent ensure consistency in both near and long-range shots?
    • Its bonded construction provides deep penetration for closer targets, while the long, sleek bullet profile, high ballistic coefficient, and Slipstream™ tip ensure that the bullet maintains velocity, accuracy, and expansion potential even at extended ranges.
  5. Is Federal Terminal Ascent available for all common long-range hunting calibers?
    • Yes, Terminal Ascent is available in a comprehensive selection of long-range hunting cartridges, catering to various rifle calibers and hunting needs.
  6. What is the Difference Between Terminal Ascent and Edge TLR?
    • It is basically a modified TLR. However, Terminal Ascent also has two accuchannel grooves and a silver nickel finish.  This makes it slightly more accurate, but not quite as aerodynamic.
  7. What is the Expansion Velocity of Terminal Ascent Ammo?
    • From initial muzzle speeds to speeds up to 1,350 feet per second, Terminal Ascent ensures consistent frontal expansion. This distinct characteristic sets it apart from other bullets, effectively transferring energy to the target and creating direct, deadly wound paths that efficiently take down big game, regardless of distance.