Federal Top Gun

For shooting enthusiasts and professional sportsmen alike, when facing unpredictable and challenging targets, consistency is key. The Federal® Top Gun® Shotshell Ammunition is tailored specifically for shotgun users who require not just power, but also reliability during their clay-shooting sessions. Whether you’re a competitor in a trap shooting event or practicing in your local shooting range, the Top Gun® ensures that every shot is as effective as the last, bringing down clay targets with precision.

Federal® Top Gun® Shotshell Ammunition is a symbol of excellence in the world of shotgun ammunition. It’s designed with the highest quality lead shot to ensure evenly dispersed patterns, making it the go-to choice for clay-crushing success. Every load is ignited with a consistent and reliable Federal® primer, ensuring dependable performance with every shot. The meticulous eight-segment crimp coupled with a distinct wad column guarantees consistent patterns that serious shooters demand.


  1. What makes Federal® Top Gun® different from other shotshell ammunitions?
    • Top Gun® features a high-quality lead shot for even patterns, a unique wad column, and a reliable Federal® primer ensuring consistent performance.
  2. Is the Federal® Top Gun® suitable for competitive shooting?
    • Absolutely! Its consistency and reliability make it a favorite among competitive clay shooters.
  3. How does the unique wad column benefit shooting?
    • The distinct wad column ensures that the shot pattern remains consistent, improving accuracy and the chances of hitting the target.
  4. Does the eight-segment crimp have any specific advantages?
    • The eight-segment crimp ensures the shotshell’s optimal performance by securing the contents and ensuring consistent ignition and propulsion of the shot.
  5. Are there specific shotguns that work best with Federal® Top Gun® ammunition?
    • While Federal® Top Gun® is designed for universal use, it is always recommended to check with your shotgun manufacturer for any specific ammunition recommendations.