Fiocchi Field Dynamics

Whether you’re an avid hunter seeking an edge on your next expedition or a sport shooter looking to hone your marksmanship in the great outdoors, Fiocchi’s Field Dynamics Ammunition is your go-to choice. Expertly crafted for both centerfire rifles and shotguns, and available for rimfire guns, this ammunition promises a blend of precision and power, ensuring that every shot is both accurate and impactful, making your time in the field more rewarding and efficient.

Fiocchi’s Field Dynamics Ammunition line stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to meeting the versatile needs of outdoor enthusiasts. Engineered for excellence in the field, this ammunition offers optimal performance for hunting and sport shooting. The Field Dynamics line, encompassing centerfire, shotgun, and rimfire ammunition, is designed with the latest ballistic technologies to ensure superior accuracy and consistency. With Fiocchi’s rich heritage and reputation behind it, shooters can trust Field Dynamics to deliver exceptional results with every pull of the trigger.


  1. What firearms is the Field Dynamics Ammunition suitable for?
    • Fiocchi’s Field Dynamics is suitable for centerfire rifles, shotguns, and rimfire firearms.
  2. Is the Field Dynamics line optimized for hunting?
    • Absolutely! While it’s versatile enough for sport shooting, its design and performance are particularly tailored for hunting applications.
  3. How does Field Dynamics ensure accuracy?
    • Fiocchi incorporates the latest ballistic technologies and rigorous quality control to ensure consistent shot placement and optimal performance.
  4. Can I expect a clean shot with minimal residue using this ammunition?
    • Yes, Field Dynamics ammunition is manufactured to leave minimal residue, ensuring longer shooting sessions with reduced cleaning frequency.
  5. Where does Fiocchi make the Field Dynamics line?
    • Fiocchi was founded in 1876 in Lecco Italy and has been importing ammunition into the USA since 1950. By 1980, the demand was so great that Fiocchi decided to make a factory in the USA.  Most of the Fiocchi Ammunition purchased in the United States is made in the USA.