Fiocchi Hyperformance

When precision shooting counts, whether in a competitive setting or during a crucial hunting moment, Fiocchi Hyperformance Ammunition stands out for centerfire rifles and handguns. With a need for unparalleled accuracy, consistent velocity, and minimal bullet drop, marksmen and shooting enthusiasts trust the Hyperformance line to deliver a shot exactly when and where they intend, ensuring that split-second decisions culminate in perfect execution.

Fiocchi Hyperformance Ammunition represents a leap in ammunition technology, combining Italian craftsmanship with advanced ballistics design. Tailored for centerfire rifles and handguns, this line promises shooters a high-velocity round that maintains accuracy over distance. Each cartridge is meticulously crafted to reduce barrel wear, offer consistent internal pressures, and ensure uniform bullet expansion. For shooters demanding more from their ammunition, Hyperformance offers a synergy of speed, precision, and reliability.


  1. What sets Fiocchi Hyperformance Ammunition apart from other ammunition lines?
    • Fiocchi Hyperformance is specifically designed for high-velocity, ensuring consistent accuracy over longer distances, making it ideal for both competitive shooting and hunting.
  2. Is Hyperformance Ammunition suitable for all centerfire rifles and handguns?
    • While the Hyperformance line caters to a wide range of centerfire rifles and handguns, it’s essential to choose the specific caliber and type appropriate for your firearm.
  3. How does the Hyperformance line reduce barrel wear?
    • The cartridges in the Hyperformance series are crafted with advanced materials and powders that produce less residue, reducing barrel fouling and ensuring longevity.
  4. Where is Fiocchi Hyperformance Ammunition made?
    • Fiocchi was founded in 1876 in Lecco Italy and has been importing ammunition into the USA since 1950. By 1980, the demand was so great that Fiocchi decided to make a factory in the USA. Most of the Fiocchi Ammunition purchased in the United States is made in the USA.
  5. How does the bullet design ensure uniform expansion?
    • The Hyperformance bullets are engineered with precision to achieve consistent expansion upon impact, maximizing energy transfer and ensuring effective terminal performance.

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