Gorilla Ammunition

For firearm enthusiasts, competitive shooters, or professionals in need of unparalleled ammunition performance, Gorilla Ammunition stands out as a mark of excellence. Founded on the unwavering principle that if something is worth doing, it should be done right, the company pours dedication, innovation, and vast resources into every product they create. With Gorilla Ammunition, consumers can trust that they’re getting products backed by extensive research, stringent quality controls, and the highest standards of performance. The culmination of this commitment is evidenced by the industry’s lowest standard deviation in muzzle velocity, ensuring consistent performance every time. The brand’s in-house ballistics laboratory, fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, exemplifies their commitment to precision and quality.

Key to Gorilla Ammunition’s industry-leading achievements are its founders. Lanse Padgett, driven by a passion for ammunition and its role in supporting combat forces, has been pivotal in steering Gorilla to its eminent position in the ammunition industry. His expertise in finance and law provides a unique perspective and approach that’s been instrumental to the company’s success. Lanse’s counterpart, Tony Padgett, brings an engineering prowess that is unparalleled. His dedication to innovation and perfecting the company’s products is evident in his tireless efforts. With past roles in defense and at NASA, Tony’s vast experience sets the gold standard for Gorilla’s product development and innovation.


  1. What sets Gorilla Ammunition apart from other brands?
    • Gorilla Ammunition emphasizes stringent quality controls, innovation, and offers the lowest standard deviation in muzzle velocity in the industry.
  2. Does Gorilla Ammunition have special facilities for testing?
    • Yes, they have an in-house ballistics laboratory equipped with advanced tools like pressure sensors and the Oehler 85 Acoustical velocity & targeting system.
  3. Who is Lanse Padgett?
    • Lanse Padgett is a founding partner of Gorilla Ammunition with a background in finance and law. He is passionate about ammunition quality and innovation, and his expertise has played a significant role in Gorilla’s success.
  4. Who is Tony Padgett?
    • Tony Padgett, an engineer and founding partner, specializes in product design and development. His extensive background includes working for a defense contractor and NASA.
  5. Why should I choose Gorilla Ammunition over other brands?
    • Choosing Gorilla Ammunition ensures you’re getting products developed with an unmatched commitment to precision, consistency, and top-tier performance, backed by extensive research and rigorous quality controls.