Hornady Black

Hornady Black® Ammunition is designed for the modern shooter who demands versatility and performance in every situation, from range training to home defense and hunting applications. This line of ammunition caters to the unique demands of America’s diverse range of firearms, including ARs, bolt-action rifles, and semi-automatic handguns. Its specially selected cases, primers, and powders ensure consistent velocity and accuracy, while bullets like the A-MAX®, FTX®, and V-MAX® offer optimal terminal performance for their intended uses. Hornady Black® is the all-around, all-purpose ammo crafted to function flawlessly in a variety of platforms, making it an ideal choice for users who own multiple firearms or who need a multi-role cartridge. With Hornady Black®, you can count on dependable, precise ammunition regardless of your shooting context.

Modern Sporting Utility: Hornady Black® Ammunition is designed to function flawlessly in a variety of platforms, including AR-15s, AK-47s, and other semi-automatic rifles, making it the quintessential ammo for modern sporting needs.

High-Quality Components: Featuring select projectiles like the V-MAX®, InterLock®, and ELD-X®, this line guarantees maximum impact, superior accuracy, and consistent performance every time you pull the trigger.

All-Conditions Reliability: Whether you’re shooting in the heat of the desert or the cold of the mountains, Hornady Black® ensures reliable feeding, performance, and ignition in all conditions.

Versatile Applications: From home defense to competitive shooting, and from varmint control to big game hunting, Hornady Black® is as versatile as it gets. Its expansive caliber offerings meet the demands of a broad spectrum of shooting applications.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Hornady’s commitment to innovation shines in this series, employing state-of-the-art propellants, high-quality primers, and advanced manufacturing techniques to produce rounds of the highest standards.

Built for Precision: Consistency is key, and Hornady Black® ammunition offers pinpoint accuracy that lets you hit your mark, whether you’re at the range or in a critical tactical situation.

Cultural Impact: The Black® series not only performs impeccably but also speaks to a generation of shooters who appreciate the blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern utility.

Discover unmatched performance and reliability in KIR Ammo’s range of Hornady Black® Ammunition, tailored for the demanding needs of today’s discerning shooters.

FAQ About Hornady Black® Ammunition:

  1. What is Hornady Black® Ammunition designed for?
    • Hornady Black® Ammunition is engineered to be versatile and reliable, catering to a broad spectrum of firearms, including ARs, AKs, and other semi-automatics as well as bolt-action rifles. This line is optimized for superior performance across multiple platforms and applications, from range shooting to tactical use.
  2. What kinds of bullets are used in Hornady Black® Ammunition?
    • The Black® line includes a variety of bullet options such as the A-MAX®, ELD-Match, and V-MAX® to cater to different shooting needs. Each bullet is selected to provide optimal performance, accuracy, and terminal ballistics suitable for its intended use.
  3. Is Hornady Black® Ammunition compatible with suppressed firearms?
    • While Hornady Black® Ammunition is not specifically engineered for suppressed firearms, its consistency and reliability make it a popular choice among shooters who use suppressors. However, for optimal performance with suppressed firearms, specialized subsonic ammunition may be recommended.
  4. Can I use Hornady Black® Ammunition for hunting?
    • While the Black® line is not specifically marketed as hunting ammunition, certain loads and bullet types within the series may be suitable for hunting smaller game and varmints. Always consider the ethical implications and legality of using this ammunition for hunting in your jurisdiction.
  5. How does Hornady Black® Ammunition compare in terms of price?
    • Hornady Black® Ammunition offers a balance of quality and affordability. It is priced moderately, making it a go-to option for shooters who want dependable performance without breaking the bank.

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