Hornady Custom

Hornady Custom™ Ammunition is the answer for shooters and hunters seeking tailor-made performance without the custom price tag or the wait. This line offers an array of specialized loads for unique firearms and applications, all featuring premium components like match-grade primers, top-notch powders, and Hornady’s industry-leading bullets. Whether you’re taking down game with a rarely-seen vintage rifle or focusing on precision shots with a unique handgun, Hornady Custom™ provides the accuracy and reliability you need. The meticulous loading process ensures that each round mirrors the performance of a hand-load, offering superior consistency and ballistics. The bullet options within this line, such as the XTP®, SST®, and InterLock®, are carefully selected to offer optimal terminal performance for your specific needs. With Hornady Custom™ Ammunition, you get hand-loaded accuracy and versatility, straight out of the box.

Personalized Performance: Hornady Custom™ Ammunition is crafted with an eye for individual requirements, offering a tailored shooting experience that stands apart in a crowded market.

High-Quality Ingredients: From the selection of top-grade brass, powders, and primers to the meticulously engineered bullets, every component is chosen to ensure maximum quality and reliability.

Uncompromising Accuracy: Each round is built to tight tolerances and subject to rigorous quality control, resulting in pinpoint accuracy that serious shooters can count on.

Versatile Offerings: Available in an extensive range of calibers and bullet options, Hornady Custom™ caters to various shooting disciplines, from hunting to target shooting to tactical applications.

Traditional Craftsmanship Meets Innovation: This line embodies the perfect blend of time-honored manufacturing techniques and modern technologies, showcasing Hornady’s commitment to innovation.

Exclusive Bullet Designs: With features like the V-MAX, SST, and InterBond, Hornady Custom™ Ammunition offers an array of specialized bullets to suit specific needs, each designed for optimal performance and impact.

Collector’s Choice: The Custom™ series holds a special place in the hearts of ammunition connoisseurs, often cited as a benchmark for quality and performance in the ammo community.

If you’re in search of ammunition that’s as unique as your shooting needs, look no further than KIR Ammo’s selection of Hornady Custom™ Ammunition, where every round is a masterpiece of engineering and quality.

FAQ About Hornady Custom™ Ammunition:

  1. What sets Hornady Custom™ Ammunition apart from other ammo lines?
    • Hornady Custom™ Ammunition is designed to offer hand-loaded precision and performance straight out of the box. It uses premium components like match-grade primers, top-quality powders, and Hornady’s industry-leading bullets. Each round is meticulously loaded to mirror the performance of a hand-load, providing exceptional accuracy and ballistics.
  2. Is Hornady Custom™ Ammunition suitable for both hunting and shooting sports?
    • Yes, the Custom™ line offers specialized loads tailored for a range of applications, from hunting to target shooting and personal defense. The line features various bullet options like the XTP®, SST®, and InterLock® to match specific needs.
  3. Can I use Hornady Custom™ Ammunition in vintage or rare firearms?
    • Hornady Custom™ is an excellent option for vintage or unique firearms that may require specialized ammunition. However, always consult your firearm’s manufacturer or a qualified gunsmith to ensure compatibility and safe usage.
  4. Is Hornady Custom™ Ammunition reloadable?
    • Yes, Hornady Custom™ cartridges typically use high-quality brass cases that are ideal for reloading. This adds an extra layer of value for those who prefer to reload their own ammunition.
  5. How does Hornady Custom™ Ammunition compare in terms of price?
    • While Hornady Custom™ Ammunition may be priced higher than standard or bulk ammunition, it offers superior performance and reliability, often matching or exceeding the characteristics of hand-loaded rounds. For shooters who demand the best without the custom price tag, this line offers an excellent balance of cost and performance.


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