Hornady Dangerous Game

For hunters venturing into the world’s most challenging terrains in pursuit of dangerous game, Hornady Dangerous Game™ Ammunition is the trusted companion you want at your side. Developed to tackle the toughest animals in the most extreme conditions, this line features heavy-hitting, controlled-expansion bullets like the DGS® (Dangerous Game Solid) and DGX® Bonded, designed to offer deep penetration and maximum stopping power. Engineered for large-caliber rifles, the ammunition provides high muzzle velocity and exceptional accuracy, vital for ensuring quick, ethical kills on dangerous game. The specialized powder and primers provide consistent, reliable performance, while the high-quality brass and meticulous manufacturing processes ensure each round feeds smoothly, even under the stress of a life-threatening encounter. When it comes to facing animals like Cape buffalo, big cats, and large bears, you can rely on Hornady Dangerous Game™ Ammunition for unparalleled performance when it matters most.

DGX® and DGS® Excellence: With bullets like the Dangerous Game Expanding (DGX®) and Dangerous Game Solid (DGS®), Hornady ensures maximum stopping power and deep penetration, essential for taking down formidable animals.

Unyielding Performance: Built to withstand the rigors of challenging environments, Hornady Dangerous Game™ Ammunition offers consistent firing, reliable extraction, and superior accuracy, shot after crucial shot.

Premium Components: Nickel-plated cases, high-quality powders, and primers are meticulously selected and combined to offer the best in pressure, velocity, and trajectory, even under extreme conditions.

Historical Significance: This line pays homage to the legacy of big game hunting, capturing the essence of the safari tradition while meeting the demands of modern-day ethical hunting practices.

Technological Edge: Incorporating modern engineering techniques like InterLock® ring design, Hornady ensures bullet integrity and controlled expansion, allowing for optimum terminal performance.

Caliber Spectrum: Available in a comprehensive range of calibers suitable for dangerous game hunting—from the versatile .375 H&H Magnum to the massive .500 Nitro Express.

Life-Saving Reliability: In a pursuit where second chances are rarely given, Hornady Dangerous Game™ offers a crucial edge, instilling the confidence needed when facing the world’s most dangerous game.

For the serious hunter who leaves nothing to chance, KIR Ammo proudly features Hornady Dangerous Game™ Ammunition—because when it’s you or them, compromise is not an option.

FAQ About Hornady Dangerous Game™ Ammunition:

  1. What types of game is Hornady Dangerous Game™ Ammunition designed for?
    • Hornady Dangerous Game™ Ammunition is specifically engineered for hunting large and dangerous game, such as Cape buffalo, big cats, and large bears. It is intended to offer deep penetration and maximum stopping power for these types of challenging hunts.
  2. What types of bullets are featured in the Dangerous Game™ line?
    • The Dangerous Game™ line features heavy-hitting, controlled-expansion bullets like the DGS® (Dangerous Game Solid) and DGX® Bonded. These are designed to offer maximum impact and penetration, crucial for quickly and ethically taking down dangerous game.
  3. Is Hornady Dangerous Game™ Ammunition suitable for all large-caliber rifles?
    • This ammunition line is specifically engineered for large-caliber rifles that are commonly used in dangerous game hunting. However, it’s essential to consult your firearm’s manufacturer or a qualified gunsmith to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.
  4. How reliable is Hornady Dangerous Game™ Ammunition in extreme conditions?
    • The Dangerous Game™ line is manufactured with specialized powder and primers that provide consistent, reliable performance. The high-quality brass and meticulous production processes ensure that the ammo feeds smoothly, even under stressful and harsh environmental conditions.
  5. Is Hornady Dangerous Game™ Ammunition more expensive than other hunting ammunition?
    • Due to its specialized engineering and premium components designed for high-risk hunting scenarios, Dangerous Game™ Ammunition tends to be on the higher end of the price spectrum compared to general-purpose hunting ammo. However, many hunters find the reliability and performance justify the cost, especially when hunting dangerous game where failure is not an option.