Hornady ELD-VT

Introducing the latest innovation from Hornady: the ELD-VT™ Ammunition, released in 2024. This cutting-edge round is designed to transform varmint hunting and long-range shooting, setting a new benchmark for precision and performance. By blending the unmatched aerodynamics of a low-drag match bullet with the agility and speed of a varmint projectile, ELD-VT™ stands poised to bring home trophies and dispatch varmints with unprecedented efficiency.

With a legacy of innovation, Hornady has once again raised the bar with the ELD-VT™ bullet. This ammunition is the result of exhaustive ballistic research, incorporating advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to meet the dual demands of varmint hunters and long-range shooters. The introduction of the ELD-VT™ bullet in 2024 reflects Hornady’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to providing shooters with the most advanced ammunition on the market.

Product Features

  • HEAT SHIELD® Technology: The ELD-VT™ bullets feature the Heat Shield® tip, ensuring stability and maintaining aerodynamic efficiency across the bullet’s entire flight path by resisting aerodynamic heating and retaining shape.
  • AMP® Bullet Jackets: Hornady’s Advanced Manufacturing Process (AMP®) bullet jackets offer unmatched concentricity and consistency, enhancing the bullet’s performance to its peak potential.
  • Rapid Fragmentation: Designed to make an impact, the ELD-VT™ bullets achieve dramatic and rapid fragmentation upon impact, ensuring maximum terminal effect even at lower velocities.
  • Precision Performance: The culmination of years of research, the ELD-VT™ combines the best aspects of low-drag match bullets and lightweight varmint projectiles, offering unparalleled accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Unique Weight to Length Design: Its innovative design maximizes muzzle velocity and enhances aerodynamics, making the ELD-VT™ bullet a force to be reckoned with in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hornady ELD-VT Ammunition

  1. What makes Hornady ELD-VT Ammunition unique? The ELD-VT™ combines the precision of match-grade bullets with the rapid fragmentation of varmint rounds, setting a new standard in dual-purpose ammunition.
  2. How does the Heat Shield® tip benefit the ELD-VT™ bullet? It ensures the bullet retains its shape across all flight paths, minimizing drag and maximizing ballistic efficiency.
  3. What is the advantage of AMP® Bullet Jackets? They provide exceptional consistency in wall thickness and concentricity, contributing to the bullet’s unmatched accuracy and reliability.
  4. Can ELD-VT™ bullets be used for both varmint hunting and competition shooting? Absolutely. With its precision and explosive terminal performance, the ELD-VT™ is ideal for a wide range of shooting disciplines.
  5. How does the unique weight to length design affect performance? It enhances the bullet’s aerodynamic efficiency, increases muzzle velocity, and improves long-range accuracy.