Hornady Frontier

Hornady Frontier® Ammunition is a robust and versatile line tailored to meet the diverse needs of today’s shooters, both on the range and in tactical situations. Manufactured in partnership with the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, this ammunition features military-grade brass, primers, and propellants, delivering performance that’s both reliable and affordable. Suited for AR-15s, as well as other semi-automatic and bolt-action rifles, Frontier® ammo is ideal for a variety of applications including target shooting, plinking, and tactical training. With a broad range of caliber options and bullet types, including FMJ, SP, and HP, Hornady Frontier® offers quality and versatility that stands out in its class.

American-Made Excellence: Hornady, a leader in the ammunition industry since 1949, collaborates with Lake City Brass to produce Frontier® ammo right here in the USA. This partnership exemplifies American craftsmanship, bringing you the finest rounds for your shooting needs.

Versatile Applications: From target shooting to tactical training to home defense, Hornady Frontier® ammo is engineered for a wide array of uses. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for both professional marksmen and recreational shooters.

Consistent Performance: Frontier® ammunition is known for its consistency. Whether you’re at the range or in a critical moment, you can rely on its exceptional accuracy and dependable ballistic performance.

Popular Calibers: Offering a comprehensive range of popular calibers, Hornady Frontier® ammunition caters to diverse firearms. Whether you shoot a 5.56 NATO or a .300 Blackout, you’ll find a Frontier® cartridge designed for your firearm.

Historical Resonance: While the Frontier® name invokes the rugged individualism and adventurous spirit of the American frontier, its performance is anything but outdated. It has been trusted by law enforcement agencies and competitive shooters alike, marking its place in the lineage of Hornady’s innovative solutions.

Quality Assurance: Every round of Frontier® ammunition undergoes rigorous testing and quality control procedures. The result is a line of ammo that meets strict tolerances for pressure, velocity, and overall performance.

Affordability Meets Quality: One of the most compelling features of Hornady Frontier® ammunition is its affordability without compromising on quality. It’s the perfect ammo for shooters who demand performance without breaking the bank.

Browse through KIR Ammo’s diverse selection of Hornady Frontier® Ammunition, and experience the combination of value, versatility, and performance. No matter your shooting requirement, Frontier® has a round that fits the bill.

FAQ About Hornady Frontier® Ammunition:

  1. What types of firearms are Frontier® rounds compatible with?
    • Frontier® ammunition is compatible with a variety of firearms including AR-15s, other semi-automatic rifles, and bolt-action rifles.
  2. Is Frontier® ammo suitable for self-defense?
    • While primarily designed for target shooting and tactical training, certain loadings of Frontier® ammunition could be used for self-defense, although specialized self-defense rounds may offer better performance.
  3. What types of bullets are available in the Frontier® line?
    • The Frontier® line offers a range of bullet types including Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), Soft Point (SP), and Hollow Point (HP), catering to different shooting needs.
  4. Is Frontier® ammunition reloadable?
    • Yes, the cartridges use military-grade brass, which is ideal for reloading.
  5. How does Frontier® ammunition compare to other Hornady lines in terms of price?
    • Frontier® is positioned as a more budget-friendly option, offering reliable performance at a more accessible price point compared to other specialized Hornady lines.

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