Hornady LEVERevolution

For lever-action aficionados and hunters looking to maximize the potential of their classic firearms, Hornady’s LEVERevolution® Ammunition represents a game-changer. This innovative line features the patented Flex Tip® technology, which significantly improves ballistic coefficients and enables a safer, pointy-tip bullet to be used in tubular magazines without the risk of primer ignition. The result? You get significantly improved range, accuracy, and terminal performance. Whether you’re chasing whitetail in dense woodland or taking aim at a long-range target, LEVERevolution® ensures that your trusty lever-action rifle performs like never before.

The Flex Tip® Revolution: LEVERevolution® features the groundbreaking Flex Tip® (FTX®) and MonoFlex® bullets, which drastically improve upon the limitations of conventional flat-point rounds. This enables safer feeding in tubular magazines and ensures reliable expansion at a broader range of velocities.

Extended Range and Flatter Trajectory: With up to 250 fps greater muzzle velocity than conventional loads, LEVERevolution® offers flatter trajectories and 40% more energy, transforming your lever gun into a longer-range tool without compromising on close-range efficacy.

Optimized Engineering: This line incorporates modern propellants that allow for more powder capacity, delivering higher energy without exceeding safe pressure levels, all while ensuring minimal recoil.

Universal Appeal: Ideal for hunting medium to large game, LEVERevolution® ammunition is available in a variety of popular calibers, making it a versatile choice for lever-action enthusiasts.

Legacy Meets Innovation: By bridging the gap between historical firearms and contemporary ballistics, Hornady has invigorated the lever-action shooting community, reigniting interest in this iconic class of American firearms.

Pop Culture and History: LEVERevolution® has made lever-action rifles relevant again, not just as symbols of Americana but as highly effective hunting and sporting tools, impacting everything from outdoor television shows to hunting forums.

For those seeking to modernize their lever-action experience without sacrificing the classic allure, KIR Ammo proudly offers Hornady LEVERevolution®—where old-school charm meets cutting-edge performance.

FAQ About Hornady LEVERevolution® Ammunition:

  1. What sets Hornady LEVERevolution® Ammunition apart from traditional lever-action ammo?
    • The unique Flex Tip® technology enables LEVERevolution® to offer pointy-tip bullets that are both safe for tubular magazines and ballistically superior, improving range and accuracy over traditional flat-point bullets.
  2. Is LEVERevolution® Ammunition suitable for all lever-action rifles?
    • LEVERevolution® is designed for modern lever-action rifles and is safe for use in all tubular magazines. However, it’s always good to consult your firearm’s manual for specific ammunition recommendations.
  3. Can I use LEVERevolution® for hunting big game?
    • Absolutely. The Flex Tip® technology allows for more efficient energy transfer upon impact, making this ammunition suitable for hunting big game within appropriate caliber recommendations.
  4. How does LEVERevolution® affect my shooting range?
    • The aerodynamic design of the Flex Tip® bullet significantly improves the ballistic coefficient, which means you can achieve longer, more accurate shots compared to traditional lever-action ammunition.
  5. Is LEVERevolution® more expensive than standard lever-action ammo?
    • While LEVERevolution® ammunition tends to be priced higher than traditional flat-point lever-action ammo, many shooters find the enhanced performance and safety features to be well worth the investment.