Hornady Match

When precision and accuracy are non-negotiable, Hornady Match™ Ammunition is the go-to choice for competitive shooters and snipers. Engineered to deliver surgical accuracy, this ammunition features carefully selected components such as the ultra-consistent AMP® (Advanced Manufacturing Process) bullet jackets and top-tier primers and propellants. The meticulous design and quality control result in unparalleled consistency, making Hornady Match™ Ammo ideal for high-stakes competitions, long-range shooting, and other scenarios where even the slightest margin of error can make all the difference.

Eley Prime™ Ignition: Hornady Match™ features Eley Prime™ ignition technology, ensuring uniform priming mixture that leads to consistent ignition and an extremely stable velocity.

Precision-Crafted Bullets: Utilizing Hornady’s exceptionally accurate A-MAX® and ELD® Match bullets, this ammunition line sets the benchmark for aerodynamics, stability, and downrange performance.

Competitive Heritage: From Olympic sharpshooters to long-range competitors, Hornady Match™ Ammunition has a long history of being chosen by champions, highlighting its unparalleled performance.

Quality Control: With cases chosen through rigorous inspection for wall concentricity and wall thickness, and powders measured to exacting standards, each round promises to deliver a repeatable, sub-MOA performance.

Versatile Caliber Options: Available in a comprehensive range of calibers, from the popular .223 Remington to the long-range .338 Lapua, there’s a Hornady Match™ round that’s just right for your competition needs.

Technological Edge: The line employs Heat Shield® tip technology to maintain its pointed shape and thus ballistic coefficient, resisting the deformation experienced by other types of match bullets in flight.

Legacy of Precision: Building upon Hornady’s rich history of quality and innovation, the Match™ series amplifies the brand’s commitment to delivering technologically advanced ammunition.

For those aiming to ascend the winner’s podium or simply seeking the utmost in precision, KIR Ammo’s selection of Hornady Match™ Ammunition is your golden ticket to unparalleled shooting excellence.

FAQ About Hornady Match™ Ammunition:

  1. What makes Hornady Match™ Ammunition ideal for competitive shooting?
    • Hornady Match™ Ammunition is engineered for extreme accuracy, featuring high-quality components like AMP® bullet jackets, high-grade primers, and carefully matched propellants to deliver consistent and unparalleled performance.
  2. Is Hornady Match™ Ammunition suitable for hunting?
    • While it’s designed primarily for precision shooting and competitions, the exceptional accuracy of Hornady Match™ Ammo can be beneficial for hunting scenarios that require precise shot placement. However, note that Match bullets may not provide the same level of terminal performance as hunting-specific ammunition.
  3. Can Hornady Match™ Ammo be used in any type of firearm?
    • Hornady Match™ Ammunition is available in a variety of calibers and bullet styles to fit different firearms. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the ammunition you select is appropriate for your specific weapon, following manufacturer recommendations.
  4. How does Hornady Match™ Ammunition achieve its level of accuracy?
    • The exceptional accuracy of Hornady Match™ Ammo is due to meticulous engineering, including the use of AMP® bullet jackets for unprecedented concentricity, high-quality primers for consistent ignition, and carefully selected propellants for even pressure curves.
  5. Is Hornady Match™ Ammunition more expensive than standard ammunition?
    • Given the high-quality components and meticulous manufacturing process, Hornady Match™ Ammunition is generally more expensive than standard target or hunting ammunition. However, for shooters requiring the highest level of accuracy, many find the cost to be justified.