Hornady Outfitter

If you’re an avid hunter trekking through the harshest terrains and facing the most challenging conditions, Hornady Outfitter® Ammunition is designed specifically for you. With features like corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated cases that are sealed watertight and topped with the rugged and accurate CX™ bullet, this ammo is engineered to perform when it matters most. Ideal for backcountry hunts and remote expeditions, Outfitter® ammunition ensures reliability, deep penetration, and supreme terminal performance, making it the choice ammunition for outdoor enthusiasts who can’t afford to compromise on quality.

From remote wilderness hunts to challenging weather conditions, the Outfitter® ammunition stands up to the test. With corrosion-resistant nickel-plated cases, sealed watertight design, and the proven Copper alloy eXpanding (CX™) bullet, this ammo offers an unparalleled performance under the toughest conditions.

Proven CX™ Bullets: The CX™ bullet ensures controlled expansion, deep penetration, and an impressive +95% weight retention, epitomizing reliability and efficiency.

Waterproofed Protection: Sealed primer and case mouth provide watertight protection, with nickel-plated cases further ensuring resistance against moisture and corrosion.

Versatile Performance: California compatible and suitable for areas requiring nontraditional bullets, the Outfitter® ammunition thrives where others falter. Its excellence in shrugging off wet, corrosive conditions and delivering authoritative killing power makes it a favorite among guides, outfitters, and everyday hunters.

Engineered for Penetration: Hornady took meticulous care in selecting the heaviest GMX projectile that each cartridge could stabilize, even delaying production for specific cartridges like the .338 Winchester Magnum to achieve perfection. The result is an ammo line that excels in penetration and all-around performance.

Loaded for Popular Cartridges: Available in cartridges ranging from .243 Winchester up to .375 H&H, it’s suitable for various hunting needs.

For the Extreme and the Everyday: Whether you’re a guide in the backcountry or a hunter in the back-forty, if you value reliability, deep penetration, and exceptional performance, the Hornady Outfitter® Ammunition is your go-to choice.

Discover KIR Ammo’s collection of Hornady Outfitter® Ammunition, where we offer this trailblazing line crafted to perform when it matters most. Trust your hunt to the ammo designed for the toughest, and choose Hornady Outfitter® today!

FAQ About Hornady Outfitter® Ammunition:

  1. What sets Hornady Outfitter® Ammunition apart from other hunting ammo?
    • Outfitter® Ammunition is built for extreme conditions, featuring corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated cases that are sealed watertight and topped with the rugged and accurate CX™ bullet for superior terminal performance.
  2. Is Outfitter® Ammunition suitable for all types of game?
    • The line includes various calibers and bullet weights, making it versatile for hunting different types of game, from deer to dangerous game, depending on the specific load.
  3. How does the CX™ bullet in Hornady Outfitter® Ammunition perform?
    • The Copper alloy eXpanding (CX™) bullet provides uniform, controlled expansion, deep penetration, and more than 95% weight retention, making it highly effective for hunting.
  4. Is Hornady Outfitter® Ammunition safe to use in wet conditions?
    • Yes, the ammo is designed to be waterproof, with sealed primers and case mouths to offer watertight protection, making it reliable in wet and harsh conditions.
  5. Can Hornady Outfitter® Ammunition be used in regions with restrictions on traditional lead bullets?
    • Yes, the ammunition is California compatible and appropriate for other areas requiring non-traditional bullets, as it features lead-free CX™ bullets.

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