Hornady Precision Hunter

Precision Hunter® Ammunition is Hornady’s ultimate offering for hunters in search of long-range accuracy coupled with deadly terminal performance. Engineered with the innovative ELD-X® (Extremely Low Drag – eXpanding) bullet, this ammunition provides excellent ballistic coefficients and controlled expansion at all distances. Whether you’re stalking game in open fields or taking aim from an elevated vantage point, Hornady’s Precision Hunter® delivers consistency and reliability, shot after shot, to ensure you make the most of every hunting opportunity.

The ELD-X® Bullet: At the heart of Precision Hunter™ lies the Extremely Low Drag – eXpanding (ELD-X®) bullet, designed for both exceptional long-range accuracy and controlled expansion at all distances.

Uncompromising Accuracy: This line features advanced Doppler radar technology to validate each bullet’s true ballistic profile, allowing hunters to execute long-range shots with exceptional precision.

Clean, Quick Kills: With excellent weight retention and a large expansion cavity, these rounds ensure humane, quick, and effective kills, even at extended ranges.

Optimized Powder Selection: The carefully chosen propellants deliver optimum velocity, temperature stability, and pressure consistency, making Precision Hunter™ ammunition reliable under varying conditions.

Versatile Caliber Choices: From popular whitetail rounds like the .243 Winchester to the powerful .300 PRC, Precision Hunter™ ammunition is available in a wide array of calibers suited for all types of game.

High-Quality Components: Every round is assembled with premium cartridge cases and primers, ensuring that this ammunition meets Hornady’s rigorous quality standards for hunting ammunition.

Adventurous Legacy: This line takes Hornady’s commitment to quality and innovation into the realm of hunting, marrying scientific advancements with real-world experience.

For those who require the utmost in precision and effectiveness for their hunting expeditions, KIR Ammo is proud to feature Hornady Precision Hunter™ Ammunition—where science and instinct become one.

FAQ About Hornady Precision Hunter® Ammunition:

  1. What makes Hornady Precision Hunter® Ammunition suitable for long-range hunting?
    • The ELD-X® bullet technology provides exceptional ballistic coefficients, ensuring flat trajectories and reduced wind drift, making it ideal for long-range hunting scenarios.
  2. Is Precision Hunter® Ammunition only for skilled shooters?
    • While the ammunition offers exceptional long-range capabilities, its superior accuracy and terminal performance make it suitable for hunters of all skill levels who demand the best from their ammunition.
  3. How does the ELD-X® bullet technology work?
    • The ELD-X® bullet is designed for controlled expansion over a broad range of velocities, providing excellent terminal performance whether you’re shooting at close or extended ranges.
  4. Is Hornady Precision Hunter® Ammunition available in my caliber?
    • Hornady offers Precision Hunter® Ammunition in a wide range of calibers to suit various hunting applications, from varmints to big game.
  5. Is Precision Hunter® more expensive than other types of hunting ammunition?
    • Given the advanced ELD-X® bullet technology and the meticulous quality control that goes into each round, Precision Hunter® is often priced higher than standard hunting ammo. However, for those in search of the highest level of accuracy and terminal performance, the investment is often considered worthwhile.

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