Hornady SUB-X

Hornady SUB-X Ammunition delivers exceptional performance without the high decibel report commonly associated with supersonic rounds. This subsonic expanding ammunition is engineered for deep penetration at velocities below the speed of sound, making it a top choice for shooters who value stealth and precision.

Product Highlights

Designed to revolutionize subsonic shooting, SUB-X® combines advanced technology and innovative features to offer a quiet yet effective solution for a wide range of applications. From tactical engagements to hunting where noise reduction is critical, SUB-X® provides a reliable and effective performance.

  • Expands at Subsonic Velocities: Incorporating Hornady’s patented Flex Tip® technology, SUB-X® bullets are designed to expand reliably at velocities as low as 900 fps, ensuring effective terminal performance even at reduced speeds.
  • Proven Performance: Hornady SUB-X® ammunition is crafted to meet the stringent FBI protocol for terminal ballistic test requirements, proving its capabilities in field conditions.
  • Positive Case Crimp: The bullet’s design includes a cannelured jacket with a lead core, ensuring a secure case crimp that is ideal for use in semiautomatic firearms. This feature enhances reliability in feeding and performance, particularly in gas-operated systems.
  • Versatility Across Firearms: SUB-X® ammunition is meticulously engineered to function flawlessly across a diverse spectrum of firearms, including those with gas systems, ensuring wide applicability and utility.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hornady SUB-X Ammunition

  1. What advantages does Hornady SUB-X offer over traditional ammunition? SUB-X® provides the unique advantage of subsonic velocity for quiet operation, combined with reliable expansion at lower speeds, making it ideal for a variety of shooting scenarios where noise reduction is desired.
  2. How does the Flex Tip® contribute to the SUB-X® performance? The Flex Tip® insert within the bullet’s hollow point cavity initiates consistent expansion at low velocities, enhancing terminal performance and ensuring the bullet achieves maximum impact.
  3. Is SUB-X® ammunition suitable for hunting? Absolutely. Its design for deep penetration and reliable expansion at subsonic velocities makes it suitable for hunting, especially in situations where minimizing noise is crucial.
  4. Can SUB-X® be used in all semiautomatic weapons? Yes, SUB-X® is designed with a positive case crimp and is engineered to fit, feed, and function in a wide range of semiautomatic weapons, including those with gas systems.
  5. What makes SUB-X® a good choice for tactical use? Its subsonic feature coupled with the ability to expand reliably at lower velocities offers tactical shooters a quiet yet effective ammunition choice, ensuring stealth and precision in operations.