Hornady Varmint Express

Precision, reliability, and lethal performance: these are the hallmarks of Hornady Varmint Express® Ammunition. Crafted for varmint and predator hunting, this ammunition utilizes Hornady’s V-MAX bullet to deliver rapid expansion upon impact, ensuring quick and humane kills. Whether you’re hunting coyotes, groundhogs, or any other small to medium-sized game, Varmint Express® provides the accuracy and terminal performance you need to get the job done right. Ideal for bolt-action rifles, semi-automatics, and even lever-action firearms, this ammo is the go-to choice for serious varmint hunters.

V-MAX® Bullet: The centerpiece of Varmint Express® is the renowned V-MAX® bullet, designed for rapid expansion upon impact, resulting in instantaneous and humane varmint extermination.

Unbeatable Accuracy: Engineered for superior accuracy, Varmint Express® ammunition allows you to make those challenging long-range shots with confidence, making it easier to tackle elusive and quick-moving targets.

Optimal Velocity: By selecting the best propellants and case materials, Hornady ensures high velocity and flat trajectory, essential elements for successful varmint hunting.

Quality Control: With strict quality measures in place, each round is meticulously crafted, ensuring consistent performance and reliability from shot to shot.

Versatility: Available in a wide array of calibers, from .17 HMR to .243 Win, Varmint Express® offers solutions for every varmint hunting scenario you might encounter.

In the Spotlight: This line has become a go-to choice for varmint hunters and has been prominently featured in hunting shows and magazines, highlighting its effectiveness and reliability.

Hornady’s Commitment: Upholding Hornady’s long-standing reputation for quality and innovation, Varmint Express® Ammunition is a testament to what well-engineered ammunition can accomplish in the field.

For hunters focused on delivering rapid, humane kills on varmints and small game, KIR Ammo is pleased to offer Hornady Varmint Express® Ammunition—the benchmark for varmint hunting excellence.

FAQ About Hornady Varmint Express® Ammunition:

  1. What sets Varmint Express® apart from other varmint ammunition?
    • The Hornady V-MAX bullet is the distinguishing feature, providing rapid, devastating expansion upon impact for quick and humane kills.
  2. Is Varmint Express® suitable for all types of varmint and predator hunting?
    • Yes, this ammunition is versatile and effective against a wide range of small to medium-sized game animals.
  3. What kinds of firearms are suitable for Varmint Express®?
    • This ammunition is designed to perform well in all types of firearms suited for varmint hunting, including bolt-actions, semi-automatics, and lever-actions.
  4. How does Varmint Express® compare in terms of price?
    • While it might be on the higher end of the price spectrum due to its specialized V-MAX bullet and quality components, many hunters find the performance benefits to justify the cost.
  5. Is Varmint Express® available in multiple calibers?
    • Yes, Hornady offers a wide range of calibers in the Varmint Express® line, allowing hunters to choose the best option for their specific needs and firearms.