HSM Bear Load

In the unpredictable wilderness, the threat from large predators is always a possibility, making it crucial for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and explorers to be prepared. Whether you’re venturing into bear country or areas known for other dangerous animals, having HSM Bear Load Ammunition in your handgun or 45-70 Govt rifles ensures you have a reliable and powerful defense. Designed with challenging terrains and potential threats in mind, this ammunition offers the confidence needed to navigate hazardous territories safely.

HSM’s Bear Load Ammunition is a top-tier choice for those venturing into territories where danger can strike unexpectedly. Launched in 2011, this line has swiftly become a favorite for its unmatched quality and performance. The ammunition is meticulously crafted using only premium components, featuring hard cast, gas-checked (except for the 10mm Auto) heavy-for-caliber lead bullets. Paired with temperature-stable powders, reliable primers, and encased in the finest brass, Bear Load guarantees consistent performance, making it the trusted companion for those always on alert.


  1. What makes HSM’s Bear Load Ammunition distinct from other brands?
    • HSM’s Bear Load is specially formulated with hard cast, heavy-for-caliber lead bullets and temperature stable powders to provide a reliable defense against large predators.
  2. Since when has the Bear Load been available?
    • The Bear Load was introduced to the market in 2011 and has been a top seller since its inception.
  3. Is the ammunition suitable for both handguns and rifles?
    • Yes, the Bear Load ammunition is designed for use in both handguns and specific rifles, including the 45-70 Govt.
  4. What type of cases does HSM use for this ammunition?
    • HSM utilizes the highest quality brass cases for their Bear Load Ammunition, ensuring durability and reliability.