HSM Cowboy Action

For enthusiasts of Cowboy Action shooting, whether participating in formally sanctioned events or simply relishing the nostalgia of the “Guns that Won the West,” HSM’s Cowboy Action Ammunition is the go-to choice. Crafted to embody the true cowboy spirit, this ammunition is meticulously designed to be ideal for both pistols and rifles, promising reliability and authenticity for each shot.

HSM Cowboy Action Ammunition encapsulates the authentic essence of the Old West. Every bullet is a testament to HSM’s commitment to cowboy integrity and grit, offering a comprehensive range of calibers and selections tailored for both handguns and rifles. Beyond its fidelity to tradition, HSM ensures that this line of ammunition remains affordably priced, aligning with their dedication to accessible quality.


  1. What is the primary use of HSM Cowboy Action Ammunition?
    • Designed specifically for Cowboy Action shooting, this ammo is perfect for both competitive events and nostalgic recreational shooting.
  2. Does the ammunition cater to both pistols and rifles?
    • Yes, HSM Cowboy Action Ammunition is tailored for use in both cowboy pistols and rifles.
  3. What types of bullets are used in this ammo line?
    • HSM utilizes various bullet types including Round Nose Flat Point-Hard, Round Nose Flat Point-Soft, Semi Wad Cutter-Hard, Round Flat Point-Low-velocity, and Round Nose Flat Point-Hard-TLG.
  4. Is the ammunition affordable for the average shooter?
    • Absolutely, HSM prides itself on ensuring the Cowboy Action Ammunition line is both high-quality and reasonably priced.
  5. How does HSM ensure the authenticity of the Cowboy Action Ammo?
    • Embracing a perseverance-for-perfection spirit, every round is crafted with genuine cowboy integrity and grit, reflecting the true essence of the Old West.

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