HSM Game King

For the hunter seeking ammunition that delivers precision, reliability, and top-tier performance, the HSM Game King ammunition, featuring the Sierra GameKing/Pro-Hunter bullets, provides an ideal solution. Whether stalking a deer in the dense forest or targeting game at long range, this ammunition ensures optimal ballistics and consistent shot placement, making every hunting expedition a potential success.

HSM’s Game King ammunition celebrates the prowess of Sierra’s legendary GameKing and Pro-Hunter bullets, offering an extensive range across 47 calibers. Known for their stellar reputation, these bullets have been integrated into HSM’s hunting ammunition line to provide a synergy of precision and performance. Every component is meticulously matched to each GameKing/Pro-Hunter bullet, producing a level of accuracy and consistency that blurs the line between factory-produced and handloaded ammunition. With HSM’s Game King, hunters can trust in a cartridge tailored for any game they pursue.


  1. What makes the HSM Game King ammunition unique?
    • HSM Game King ammunition is distinctively designed using Sierra’s renowned GameKing and Pro-Hunter bullets, ensuring a blend of precision and performance.
  2. How many calibers are available in the HSM Game King lineup?
    • The HSM Game King ammunition is available in a diverse range of 47 calibers.
  3. Are the HSM Game King rounds comparable to handloads in terms of accuracy?
    • Yes, the precision matching of components in HSM Game King cartridges makes their accuracy and performance comparable to that of handloads.
  4. Which bullets are used in the HSM Game King ammunition line?
    • The HSM Game King line features the Spitzer Boat Tail GameKing and Pro-Hunter bullets.
  5. Is the HSM Game King ammunition suitable for all types of hunting?
    • Absolutely! Whether you’re hunting big game or smaller quarry, HSM provides a Game King cartridge tailored to your specific needs.

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