HSM Trophy Gold

When you’re out in the wild, pursuing game across challenging terrains and over long distances, you require ammunition that’s accurate, reliable, and powerful. HSM Trophy Gold ammunition is designed precisely for such situations. Whether you’re lined up for a shot after hours of stalking or if you’re perched in a hide waiting for that perfect moment, Trophy Gold promises performance at the pivotal moment, making sure your skill is complemented by top-tier ballistics.

HSM’s Trophy Gold is the pinnacle of hunting cartridges, setting the gold standard in premium ammunition. Engineered with precision and power in mind, Trophy Gold features the renowned Berger VLD bullets, known for their incredible accuracy over extended ranges. These cartridges are crafted with select powders, ensuring maintained velocity even across long distances. Beyond just performance, Trophy Gold promises consistency, turning your hunting expeditions into stories of success.


  1. What makes Trophy Gold stand out in the hunting ammunition market?
    • Trophy Gold integrates the world-renowned Berger VLD bullets and select powders to deliver unmatched accuracy and performance over extended ranges.
  2. Is Trophy Gold suitable for long-range hunting?
    • Absolutely! Trophy Gold is designed for long-range precision, maintaining velocity and trajectory over great distances.
  3. Which bullet types are available in the Trophy Gold line?
    • Trophy Gold offers the “Match Hunting Very Low Drag” and the “Match Hybrid Open Tip Match Tactical” bullet types.
  4. How does Trophy Gold compare to handloads?
    • Trophy Gold is crafted to rival even the best handloads, providing consistent, high-performance results.
  5. Is Trophy Gold ammunition reliable for all hunting scenarios?
    • Yes, whether you’re up against challenging terrains or targeting game from a distance, Trophy Gold is designed to offer consistent performance, ensuring every shot counts.