Norma Eco-Speed

Norma Eco-Speed-22 presents a groundbreaking solution in the world of .22 LR rimfire ammunition. Not only is the cartridge engineered for blazing speed, but its entirely lead-free composition—including the primer—ensures minimal environmental impact and significantly reduces the potential inhalation of harmful lead particles during rapid-fire sequences in semi-automatic shooting. Ideal for both plinking and hunting, this ammo is designed to perform in rifles and semi-automatic firearms.

The Norma Eco-Speed-22 redefines the standards for rimfire ammunition by combining unmatched velocity with an eco-conscious lead-free design. Emphasizing safety and environmental responsibility, this ammunition incorporates a copper-plated solid zinc bullet to ensure maximum performance while eliminating lead exposure. Whether for hunting or recreational shooting, the Eco-Speed-22 stands out not just for its speed, but for its commitment to shooter health and environmental care.


  1. What makes the Eco-Speed-22 unique among .22 LR ammo?
    • The Eco-Speed-22 is 100% lead-free, including both the bullet and the primer, making it unique in the market.
  2. Why is a lead-free primer significant for semi-auto shooting?
    • During semi-auto shooting, lead particles from primers can be released into the air, posing inhalation risks; the lead-free primer minimizes this health hazard.
  3. What material is the bullet made of?
    • The bullet is a copper-plated solid zinc design, ensuring effective performance in both hunting and plinking scenarios.
  4. How does the velocity of the Eco-Speed-22 compare to other standard ammo?
    • The Eco-Speed-22 boasts up to 58% higher velocity than standard .22 LR ammunition.
  5. Is the Eco-Speed-22 suitable for all .22 LR firearms?
    • Yes, this ammunition is designed for use in both rifles and semiautomatic firearms.

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