Norma Whitetail

When hunting season rolls around, avid hunters often lean towards ammunition that provides consistency, reliability, and a sure shot to ensure a successful hunt. The NORMA Whitetail line, now enhanced with the classic soft point bullet Alaska, offers just that. Whether you’re aiming for deer or bigger game, the soft point design promises a swift knockdown effect, combined with deep penetration to ensure optimal energy transfer into the vital organs, ensuring that your prey doesn’t escape.

NORMA Whitetail stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to precision and quality. Meticulously loaded in Åmotfors, Sweden, this line of ammunition boasts NORMA’s high-quality brass cases, known for their exceptional consistency and high reloadability. These cases are a product of a unique blend of the finest copper and zinc, fortified by decades of in-house manufacturing expertise. Each shot delivered by the NORMA Whitetail line is a showcase of its superior performance, rooted in its Soft Point design that’s a favored choice among global hunters.


  1. What makes the Soft Point bullet unique in the NORMA Whitetail line?
    • NORMA’s Soft Point bullet is renowned for its fast knockdown effect and deep penetration, making it a top choice for deer and big game hunters.
  2. Where is NORMA Whitetail ammunition manufactured?
    • The NORMA Whitetail ammunition is carefully loaded in Åmotfors, Sweden.
  3. Can I reload the NORMA Whitetail brass cases?
    • Absolutely! NORMA’s high-quality brass cases are celebrated for their superior consistency and high reloadability, allowing shooters to get the most out of their ammunition investment.
  4. What materials are used in NORMA Whitetail’s brass cases?
    • The cases are crafted from a perfect blend of high-quality copper and zinc, ensuring durability and consistent performance.
  5. Is NORMA Whitetail ammunition suitable for all types of big game hunting?
    • Yes, the Soft Point design combined with the precision loadings makes it an ideal choice for deer and other big game hunting endeavors.

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