PMC’s X-TAC Match ammunition is the embodiment of precision and reliability for shooters aiming to reach their peak performance. Whether one is engaged in a high-stakes competition or just aiming for personal bests on the range, this ammunition promises to deliver consistent and unparalleled accuracy. Building upon the legacy of the original X-TAC line, the X-TAC Match integrates the world-class performance of Sierra Bullets, ensuring that every shot is on target.

The PMC X-TAC Match line is the culmination of meticulous engineering, quality components, and rigorous quality control. Designed to surpass the standards set by the original X-TAC line, it combines the excellence of PMC’s X-TAC family with Sierra Bullets’ top-tier performance. The outcome? Ammunition that guarantees precision, shot after shot. All of PMC’s sporting ammunition adheres to either SAAMI or US Military Specification standards, reinforcing its commitment to quality. With ISO Bureau Veritas quality certification standards governing its quality control, PMC ensures that each round is a testament to its dedication to excellence. Moreover, its in-house production of all sporting ammunition components, from brass to primers, guarantees consistent quality and timely supply.


  1. What sets PMC X-TAC Match apart from the original X-TAC line?
    The X-TAC Match is designed to outperform the original X-TAC line, offering even greater precision and consistency, primarily due to its integration with Sierra Bullets.
  2. Is PMC X-TAC Match ammunition reloadable?
    Yes, all PMC ammunition is reloadable. However, rifle ammunition might have crimped military primers which need to be removed before inserting a new primer.
  3. What standards does PMC’s sporting ammunition adhere to?
    PMC’s sporting ammunition is produced according to either SAAMI or US Military Specification standards.
  4. Is the PMC X-TAC Match suitable for both AR15s and bolt-action rifles?
    Absolutely! This ammunition performs with high precision in both AR15 and bolt-action rifles.
  5. What kind of quality controls does PMC employ in its ammunition manufacturing?
    PMC operates under the highly sought-after ISO Bureau Veritas quality certification standards, ensuring top-notch quality control in every stage of production.

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