In high-stakes situations where immediate action is crucial and every second counts, professionals and enthusiasts alike require ammunition that performs seamlessly. PMC X-TAC ammunition is designed precisely for these critical moments. Whether utilized by military personnel in intense combat situations, or by law enforcement in emergency scenarios, X-TAC ammunition is meticulously crafted to meet and exceed rigorous specifications, ensuring that it won’t be a point of concern when lives are on the line.

PMC’s X-TAC™ ammunition line stands as a testament to quality and reliability in the world of high-performance cartridges. Field-tested by elite military units and law enforcement agencies across the globe, X-TAC is not just another bullet – it’s a promise of precision. Beyond the battlefield and emergency scenes, enthusiasts too can count on the unwavering performance of X-TAC, bearing the hallmark of PMC’s exacting standards. With X-TAC, one doesn’t merely buy ammunition; they invest in peace of mind.


  1. What is PMC X-TAC?
    • PMC X-TAC is a premium line of ammunition specifically designed for high-performance and reliability, extensively tested by military and law enforcement professionals.
  2. Is PMC X-TAC good ammunition?
    • Absolutely, PMC X-TAC is renowned for its exceptional quality and is trusted by military and law enforcement agencies worldwide.
  3. Is PMC X-TAC armor piercing?
    • PMC X-TAC offers a variety of ammunition types. While some rounds may have armor-penetrating capabilities, it’s essential to check the specific round’s designation and features.
  4. What is PMC with a Green Tip?
  5. Who is the target audience for PMC X-TAC?
    • PMC X-TAC is designed for both professional use by military and law enforcement, as well as for enthusiasts seeking high-quality, reliable ammunition.