PPU Defense

For those who prioritize security and self-defense, PPU’s Defense Line Handgun ammunition stands out as a reliable choice. Engineered with innovative, proprietary jacketed bullets, this ammunition is tailored to ensure enhanced stopping power through improved expansion while retaining bullet density. In high-stakes situations, where every shot counts, trusting PPU Defense Line offers an advantage in terms of quality, performance, and consistency.

PPU Defense Ammunition is the embodiment of innovation in self-defense handgun ammunition. It boasts an extensive range of calibers, including but not limited to .32 AUTO, .380 AUTO, .40 S&W, 7.62×25 TOKAREV, 9mm LUGER, 9×18 MAKAROV, 10mm AUTO, .45 AUTO, and .357 MAGNUM. Each caliber is designed with proprietary jacketed bullets that balance expansion and density, ensuring optimum stopping power. Rooted in a tradition of excellence, PPU Defense Ammunition is the top choice for those who refuse to compromise on safety and performance.


  1. What sets PPU Defense Ammunition apart from other self-defense ammunitions?
    • PPU Defense Ammunition incorporates proprietary jacketed bullets that are specially designed for maximum stopping power, ensuring both expansion and bullet density retention.
  2. Is the PPU Defense Line suitable for all handguns?
    • While the Defense Line covers a wide range of calibers, it’s essential to choose the appropriate caliber that matches your handgun for optimal performance and safety.
  3. What is the primary purpose of PPU Defense Ammunition?
    • This ammunition line is tailored for self-defense and security purposes, offering users reliability and enhanced stopping power in critical situations.
  4. Can I trust the consistency of PPU Defense bullets across different calibers?
    • Yes, regardless of the caliber, each bullet in the PPU Defense Line is developed with the same commitment to quality, performance, and reliability.
  5. How does PPU ensure the quality and performance of their Defense Line?
    • PPU employs rigorous testing and quality control measures, combined with innovative engineering, to guarantee that their Defense Ammunition Line meets the highest standards of performance and dependability.