Norma Tipstrike

Norma’s TIPSTRIKE™ ammunition for rifles is purpose-built for those crucial hunting scenarios where stopping power is paramount. Designed to provide both deep penetration and a devastating shock effect, the TIPSTRIKE bullet combines a polymer tip for controlled expansion and a mechanically reinforced jacket for  weight retention. This construction ensures that when the moment of truth arrives, particularly in driven hunts, the bullet will provide an immediate and effective stop, assuring a humane and ethical harvest.

Norma’s TIPSTRIKE™ stands out in the Dedicated Hunting™ Line as a prime choice for medium to large game. TIPSTRIKE’s unique design, which features a flat-base tipped projectile, offers excellent penetration through its controlled expansion. This ensures that game is harvested quickly and effectively. With cutting-edge technology and a blend of science and passion, Norma continues to elevate the hunting experience. The TIPSTRIKE bullet showcases its prowess through both test shoots and real-world hunting situations, consistently delivering high retained weight, powerful energy release, and exceptional penetration.


  1. What is the primary purpose of TIPSTRIKE™ ammunition?
    • TIPSTRIKE™ is designed for deep penetration combined with a devastating shock effect, making it ideal for hunts where an immediate stop is crucial.
  2. How does the polymer tip in TIPSTRIKE™ bullets affect performance?
    • The polymer tip ensures controlled expansion, allowing for improved ballistics and a slight delay in expansion, which enhances penetration.
  3. What ensures the bullet’s retained weight during impact?
    • The bullet jacket is reinforced with a mechanical lock, ensuring a high retention weight, vital for effective penetration.
  4. Is TIPSTRIKE™ suitable for large game hunting?
    • Absolutely. TIPSTRIKE™ is designed for both medium and large game, ensuring an ethical and effective harvest with its controlled expansion and deep penetration.
  5. How does Norma ensure the effectiveness of TIPSTRIKE™ bullets?
    • Through extensive testing, both in ballistic gelatine and real hunting situations, Norma verifies the performance, energy release, and retained weight of TIPSTRIKE™ bullets, ensuring hunters can trust in its capabilities.

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