Remington Core-Lokt

Since its inception, Remington has been synonymous with innovation and quality in the ammunition world. Among its offerings, the Core-Lokt stands out as an iconic and reliable choice for hunters and shooting enthusiasts.

Founded in 1816, Remington is one of the oldest firearm and ammunition manufacturers in the United States. While Remington as a brand has been around for more than two centuries, the Core-Lokt bullet was introduced in 1939, becoming an immediate favorite. Its groundbreaking design was hailed for its controlled expansion and retained weight, giving hunters confidence in their shots like never before.

Differences among Core-Lokt Variants

The standard Core-Lokt bullet is a hallmark in the ammunition industry, renowned for its controlled expansion and high weight retention, making it a reliable choice for various game sizes. Introduced to cater to a more environmentally-conscious demographic, the Core-Lokt Copper is crafted entirely from copper. This not only offers a lead-free, eco-friendly option but also ensures deeper penetration and consistent expansion across a broader range of velocities, making it ideal for tougher game. On the other hand, the Core-Lokt Tipped bullet introduces a polymer tip to the legendary Core-Lokt design. This inclusion serves to improve the bullet’s ballistic coefficient, ensuring enhanced long-range efficiency, better aerodynamics, and rapid expansion upon impact. While each variant boasts the foundational reliability of the Core-Lokt line, they offer distinct features catering to specific hunting needs and preferences

Recognized as “Deadliest Mushroom in the Woods” – This isn’t just a catchy phrase; it’s an acknowledgment of Core-Lokt’s unmatched terminal performance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Remington Core-Lokt

  1. What sets Core-Lokt apart from other ammunition? The Core-Lokt bullet is famed for its unique design, which provides controlled expansion and high weight retention, making it reliable for hunting various game.
  2. What’s the difference between Core-Lokt Copper and Core-Lokt Tipped? While both have the trusted Core-Lokt performance, the Copper version is made of 100% copper, offering deeper penetration and environmentally-friendly attributes. The Tipped version incorporates a polymer tip, enhancing the bullet’s ballistic coefficient for longer range efficiency and accuracy.
  3. Is Remington Core-Lokt suitable for big game hunting? Absolutely. Its dependable performance, expansion, and retained weight make it ideal for big game hunts.
  4. How long has Core-Lokt been on the market? Since 1939, and in that time, it has built a reputation as one of the best-performing bullets for hunting.
  5. Is the ammo suitable for all rifle types? While Remington produces Core-Lokt ammunition for various calibers, it’s essential to select the correct caliber and bullet weight for your specific rifle and intended purpose.

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