Black Hills .38-40 Cowboy Action 180 Grain FPL – 50 Rounds (Box) [NO TAX outside Texas]


($1.13 / per round)

Grain Weight:
180 Grains
50 Rounds

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Ammo Specifications

Grain Weight
180 Grains
50 Rounds
Muzzle Velocity
850 Feet Per Second
Bullet Style
Flat Point-lead
Lead Free
Case Type

More Information on Black Hills .38-40 Ammo

Black Hills .38-40 Cowboy Action FPL ammunition is a type of ammunition designed for use in firearms chambered in .38-40 Winchester caliber. This cartridge was originally introduced in the late 1800s for use in lever-action rifles, and it was later adapted for use in revolvers.

The .38-40 Win cartridge is a rimmed, bottlenecked cartridge that measures 9.6x33mm in size. It features a medium-sized, heavy bullet that typically weighs around 180 to 200 grains, making it an excellent choice for hunting and target shooting. The standard bullet weight for Black Hills .38-40 Cowboy Action FPL ammunition is 180 grains.

The bullet design for Black Hills .38-40 Cowboy Action FPL ammunition a flat point lead (FPL) design, which is similar to a wadcutter, and is ideal for use in cowboy action shooting competitions.

Black Hills .38-40 Cowboy Action FPL ammunition is loaded with a consistent powder charge and primer, ensuring reliable performance and consistent accuracy. The cartridges are typically brass-cased and boxer-primed, which makes them easy to reload.

Overall, Black Hills .38-40 Cowboy Action FPL ammunition is a specialized ammunition that offers excellent accuracy and stopping power for cowboy action shooting. Its medium-sized, heavy bullet and flat point lead design make it an ideal choice for cowboy action shooting competitions, while its consistent performance and reliability make it a popular choice among shooters looking for a classic, authentic shooting experience.


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