Winchester .410 Bore CASE 2.5″ 0.5oz #6 Shot – 250 Rounds (CASE) [NO TAX outside Texas]


($0.87 / per round)

.410 Bore
250 Rounds

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Ammo Specifications

.410 Bore
250 Rounds
Muzzle Velocity
1245 Feet Per Second
Bullet Style
#6 Shot
Lead Free
Case Type
2.5 Inches

More Information on Winchester .410 Bore Ammo

Winchester .410 Bore #6 shot is a type of ammunition that is specifically designed for use in a .410 bore shotgun. The “bore” of a shotgun refers to the diameter of the barrel, and the .410 bore is one of the smallest shotgun bore sizes commonly available.

The “#6 shot” designation refers to the size of the individual pellets contained within the shell. In this case, the pellets are size #6, which means they are approximately 2.4mm in diameter. This size of shot is often used for hunting small game, such as squirrels or rabbits, as it provides a good balance of stopping power and range.

Winchester is a well-known manufacturer of ammunition and firearms, and their .410 Bore #6 shot is a popular choice among hunters and recreational shooters. The ammunition is typically sold in boxes of 25 rounds, and is widely available at gun shops and sporting goods stores.


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