Black Hills Gold .308 Win CASE 150 Grain HORNADY SST – 100 Rounds (CASE) [NO TAX outside Texas]

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.308 Winchester
Grain Weight:
150 Grains
100 Rounds

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Ammo Specifications

.308 Winchester
Grain Weight
150 Grains
100 Rounds
Muzzle Velocity
2800 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy
2611 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style
Hornady Super Shock Tip
Case Type

More Information on Black Hills .308 Winchester Ammo

Introducing the Black Hills Gold .308 Win Hornady SST Ammunition – the perfect blend of accuracy, performance, and reliability, designed for hunting enthusiasts and marksmen alike. Manufactured by the experts at Black Hills Ammunition and featuring Hornady’s renowned SST bullet technology, this ammo is primed to deliver exceptional results, time and time again.

Key Features:

  1. Caliber: .308 Winchester
  2. Bullet Type: Hornady SST (Super Shock Tip)
  3. Bullet Weight: 150 grains
  4. Muzzle Velocity: 2,800 fps (Approximate)
  5. Muzzle Energy: 2,650 ft-lbs (Approximate)
  6. Quantity: 20 rounds per box

Superior Accuracy: The Black Hills Gold .308 Win Hornady SST ammunition is designed to provide match-grade accuracy, ensuring you achieve the tightest possible groupings at extended ranges. These rounds are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using premium components and stringent quality control measures to ensure a consistently exceptional shooting experience.

Hornady SST Technology: The Hornady SST (Super Shock Tip) bullet is known for its advanced design, featuring a sleek polymer tip that streamlines the projectile and dramatically increases ballistic coefficient. This results in flatter trajectories, reduced wind drift, and superior long-range performance. Upon impact, the polymer tip initiates rapid expansion, transferring maximum energy to your target and delivering devastating terminal performance.

Ideal for Hunting: These .308 Winchester rounds are perfect for hunting medium to large game such as deer, elk, and black bear. The SST bullet’s controlled expansion and deep penetration ensure a quick, humane harvest. The bullet’s InterLock® ring design helps it retain more mass and energy for optimal wound channeling and lethality.

Dependable Performance: Black Hills Ammunition is renowned for its commitment to quality and performance. The Black Hills Gold line exemplifies this dedication, offering shooters consistent ignition, clean-burning propellants, and precision-made brass cases. Each round is inspected to ensure it meets the highest standards, guaranteeing a hassle-free shooting experience.

Elevate your hunting and long-range shooting with the Black Hills Gold .308 Win Hornady SST Ammunition. Trust in its accuracy, terminal performance, and reliability to take your skills to new heights. Order a box today and experience the difference for yourself.


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