.308 Win / 7.62x51mm Ammo

The .308 Winchester / 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition category is highly respected and widely utilized in both civilian and military circles. Introduced in the 1950s, the .308 Winchester was designed to provide similar ballistic performance to the .30-06 Springfield in a shorter cartridge, making it more suitable for modern automatic rifles. Its NATO counterpart, the 7.62x51mm, has been a standard for armed forces around the world, known for its reliability and versatility. This selection features premium ammunition suited for a wide range of activities including hunting, target shooting, and tactical operations. Though these cartridges are often considered interchangeable, you should understand the differences between the .308 and 7.62x51mm before shooting.

Intended Use: The .308 Winchester is perfect for medium to large game hunting, offering excellent penetration and knockdown power. It is also a favorite among target shooters and competitive marksmen for its accuracy and range. The 7.62x51mm NATO is employed extensively in military, law enforcement, and tactical scenarios, providing effective performance in diverse conditions.

Caliber/Size: The .308 Winchester / 7.62x51mm fires a .30 caliber bullet, balancing recoil, velocity, and accuracy. This balance makes the .308/7.62x51mm an ideal round for shooters looking for a cartridge that performs well in hunting, sport shooting, and tactical environments.

Performance Characteristics: Known for its excellent range and precision, the .308 Winchester delivers a flat trajectory and maintains terminal efficiency over distance. The cartridge’s consistent performance has made it one of the most popular rounds for long-range shooting disciplines, including sniper use and precision rifle competitions.

Material and Construction: .308 Winchester / 7.62x51mm rounds are crafted with high-quality materials, featuring brass casings and a variety of bullet types to meet different operational needs. These include full metal jacket (FMJ) for training and target practice, soft point (SP) for hunting, and hollow point (HP) bullets for defensive use.

Brands and Manufacturers: This category includes ammunition from top manufacturers such as Norma, Saltech, Armscor, among others. These brands offer a range of .308/7.62x51mm ammunition options, each designed to maximize performance for specific shooting tasks, from big game hunting to long-distance target shooting to tactical applications.

A Brief History: The .308 Winchester was introduced in 1952, two years before NATO adopted the very similar 7.62x51mm cartridge as a standard rifle caliber. The .308 Winchester quickly became popular among civilian hunters and shooters due to its versatility and compatibility with many different types of firearms, including bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles.


  1. What is the effective range of a .308 Winchester / 7.62x51mm? The .308 Winchester is effective up to 800 yards for target shooting and about 400 yards for hunting, depending on the game and bullet type. The performance in tactical scenarios can extend to similar distances, making it a versatile choice for various shooting disciplines.
  2. Can the .308 Winchester be used for larger game like elk or moose? Yes, with proper bullet selection, the .308 Winchester is capable of taking larger game animals such as elk and moose at moderate distances, providing sufficient penetration and terminal performance.
  3. How does the .308 Winchester compare to the .30-06 Springfield? The .308 Winchester offers similar ballistic performance to the .30-06 Springfield but in a shorter case, resulting in lighter recoil and better suitability for short-action rifles. This makes the .308 a preferred choice for a variety of shooting activities, especially where a faster follow-up shot may be necessary.

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