.264 Winchester Mag Ammo

The .264 Winchester Magnum ammunition category is designed for hunters and long-range shooters who demand exceptional performance, high velocity, and flat trajectory from their cartridges. Introduced in 1958 by Winchester, the .264 Win Mag quickly carved out a niche as a premier choice for taking medium to large game at extended distances, as well as for competitive long-range shooting. This selection features premium ammunition from leading manufacturers, tailored for those seeking the ultimate in precision and power.

Intended Use: The .264 Winchester Magnum is especially well-suited for hunting deer, elk, and other large game, providing the knockdown power and accuracy required for ethical kills at long ranges. Its superior ballistic characteristics also make it a favored choice among precision shooters and those participating in long-distance shooting competitions.

Caliber/Size: As a magnum cartridge, the .264 Winchester Magnum offers shooters the benefits of the 6.5mm (.264″) bullet diameter, known for high ballistic coefficients and sectional densities that contribute to its exceptional downrange performance. This cartridge delivers velocities that can surpass those of many other rounds in its class, contributing to its flat shooting nature and effectiveness at distance.

Performance Characteristics: Known for its high velocity and flat trajectory, the .264 Winchester Magnum excels in delivering long-range accuracy and substantial energy on target, making it capable of taking down game efficiently at distances beyond 500 yards. The cartridge’s performance is enhanced by its ability to retain velocity and energy downrange, minimizing wind drift and bullet drop.

Material and Construction: .264 Winchester Magnum rounds are produced using quality components, including brass casings and advanced bullet designs optimized for various applications. Offerings include controlled expansion bullets for hunting, ensuring deep penetration and effective expansion, as well as match-grade bullets for competitive shooting, designed for superior accuracy.

Brands and Manufacturers: This category includes ammunition from reputable brands such as Winchester, the cartridge’s originator, alongside other industry leaders like Hornady and Nosler. These manufacturers are committed to providing shooters with high-performance .264 Winchester Magnum options that leverage the latest in ballistic technology and manufacturing quality.

A Brief History: The .264 Winchester Magnum was introduced as part of Winchester’s family of magnum cartridges, designed to offer hunters a high-velocity round capable of taking game at extended distances. While it faced competition from other magnum rounds over the years, it has retained a loyal following among hunters and shooters for its long-range capabilities and performance.


  1. What is the effective range of a .264 Winchester Magnum? The .264 Winchester Magnum is effective for hunting at ranges up to and exceeding 600 yards, offering the precision and energy needed for accurate shots on game at these extended distances.
  2. Can the .264 Winchester Magnum be used for varmint hunting? While primarily designed for larger game, the .264 Winchester Magnum can also be effectively used for varmint and predator hunting at long ranges, thanks to its high velocity and flat trajectory.
  3. How does the .264 Winchester Magnum compare to other long-range cartridges? The .264 Winchester Magnum stands out for its high velocity and flat trajectory, making it competitive with other long-range cartridges such as the 6.5 Creedmoor and .300 Winchester Magnum, particularly in situations where long-range precision is critical.

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