.277 Fury

The .277 Fury is an innovative and high-performance centerfire rifle cartridge developed by SIG Sauer, an American firearms manufacturer. Introduced in 2020, the .277 Fury was designed to offer superior long-range capabilities, reduced recoil, and increased lethality in a compact package. Notably, the cartridge was developed as part of the United States Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) program, which seeks to develop advanced firearms and ammunition for future military applications.

The .277 Fury features a unique hybrid case design, which combines a brass base with a stainless steel case body. This design allows for increased chamber pressures, resulting in higher muzzle velocities and improved ballistic performance compared to traditional brass-cased cartridges. The .277 Fury uses a .277-inch (7mm) diameter bullet, with bullet weights typically ranging from 135 to 150 grains, and muzzle velocities reaching up to 3,000 feet per second or more, depending on the specific load and bullet weight.

One of the primary advantages of the .277 Fury is its high ballistic coefficient and sectional density, which contribute to a flat trajectory, excellent wind resistance, and deep penetration capabilities. These characteristics make the cartridge well-suited for long-range engagements, providing enhanced accuracy and lethality at extended distances. The .277 Fury’s reduced recoil, compared to other cartridges with similar performance, also makes it more manageable and user-friendly for shooters.

While initially developed for military applications, the .277 Fury has the potential to find a place in civilian markets, including hunting and long-range target shooting. Its impressive ballistic performance and terminal effectiveness make it a viable option for taking down medium to large-sized game, as well as for precision shooting and competition events.

Factory-loaded ammunition for the .277 Fury is currently limited, as the cartridge is still in its early stages of adoption and commercialization. However, as the .277 Fury gains wider recognition and acceptance, it is expected that additional manufacturers will begin producing ammunition, components, and firearms chambered for this innovative cartridge.

In summary, the .277 Fury is a cutting-edge and high-performance cartridge that offers enhanced long-range capabilities, reduced recoil, and increased lethality in a compact package. Its unique hybrid case design and impressive ballistics make it a promising option for future military, hunting, and long-range shooting applications.

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