.38 Super Ammo

The .38 Super ammunition category showcases a diverse array of high-performance rounds tailored for competitive shooting and personal defense. Renowned for its superior velocity, accuracy, and ability to penetrate barriers, the .38 Super has maintained a loyal following among sport shooters and law enforcement personnel. This selection features premium ammunition from leading brands, ensuring optimal performance for users seeking a blend of power and precision in their shooting activities.

Intended Use: The .38 Super is primarily celebrated in the competitive shooting world, where its flat trajectory and high-velocity rounds provide a competitive edge. Additionally, its effective penetration capabilities make it a viable option for personal defense and law enforcement, especially in scenarios where barrier penetration may be required.

Caliber/Size: Introduced in the late 1920s as a higher-pressure loading of the .38 ACP, the .38 Super was designed to offer enhanced ballistic performance in semi-automatic pistols. It quickly gained popularity for its ability to achieve higher velocities, making it one of the first handgun cartridges to breach the 1,000 feet-per-second (fps) mark with standard bullet weights.

Performance Characteristics: The .38 Super is characterized by its exceptional speed, accuracy, and relatively flat shooting trajectory. It is capable of delivering high-energy impacts at target distances, with less recoil compared to other high-velocity pistol cartridges. This makes it particularly suitable for rapid, accurate fire in competitive shooting disciplines.

Material and Construction: Ammunition in the .38 Super category is produced with high-quality components, featuring brass casings and a variety of bullet designs to meet different shooting requirements. Bullet types range from full metal jacket (FMJ) for practice and competitive shooting, to jacketed hollow points (JHP) for self-defense scenarios, providing versatility and reliability.

Brands and Manufacturers: This category includes products from reputable manufacturers known for their excellence in ammunition production, such as Armscor, PMC, and Remington. These brands offer .38 Super shooters a range of ammunition choices that deliver on reliability, consistency, and performance.

A Brief History: The .38 Super was initially developed to provide law enforcement officers with a powerful handgun cartridge capable of penetrating the automobile bodies and early ballistic vests that were common in the era of its introduction. Over time, its adoption in the competitive shooting circuit, particularly in IPSC and USPSA, solidified its reputation as a high-performance cartridge for precision shooting.


  1. What is the effective range of a .38 Super? The effective range of the .38 Super is generally considered to be up to 50 yards for personal defense scenarios, with the capability to achieve accurate shots at longer distances in the hands of skilled shooters, especially in competitive settings.
  2. What is the .38 Super used for? The .38 Super is used for competitive shooting due to its high velocity and accuracy, as well as for personal defense and law enforcement, thanks to its ability to penetrate barriers effectively.
  3. Why choose .38 Super over other high-velocity cartridges? The .38 Super offers a unique combination of high velocity, accuracy, and manageable recoil. Its performance in competitive shooting and versatility for personal defense make it a preferred choice for shooters looking for an alternative to more common high-velocity pistol cartridges.

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